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Since I m all over this book I m not going to review it other than the five stars however I just want to comment that some reviewers have gone into a New York vs Los Angeles punk ebate That wasn t Brendan Mullen s intention he simply wanted to Manipulation and Dark Psychology document a brief period of time when the Hollywood punk scene was a strange underground phenomenonI think Brendan should have put a time period in the title 1977 1980 as it would have been lessisappointing for readers expecting SST and Orange County bands The title is a little too sweeping but that could have been attributable to the publishers too Who knows At any rate it s a Women's Activism and Social Change Rochester New York 1822 1872 decent book about the Hollywood punk scene but even by my own admission not the most comprehensive one One of three great oral histories of punk I ve read This one focuses on the LA scene which is usuallyownplayed if not completely isregarded altogether in punk histories Overall it supports the broad characterization of the NYC scene as artsyintellectual Patti SmithTelevision the London scene as political The Clash and the LA scene as fun The Weirdos The really interesting thing about this book is that it reveals how the LA punk scene emerged from the glam or glitter scene Glam was the major countercultural music current given that LA in the 70s was centered around blues rock country rock or prog rock Imported British stuff like Roxy Music David Bowie and Mott the Hoople offered a counterculture for the later to be Punks when they were teenagers They were beaten up for wearing glitter make up and cross ressing By the time they formed bands glam was all but over and Raw Power era Stooges and New York Dolls became the major influence Perhaps so than London and NYC the LA bands were super Understanding Shutter Speed diverse from the Americana of X to the violence of the Germs from the electroelinuent Screamers to the new wavers the Motels This is because what began as the punk scene really was a miscellaneous category of bands that The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse didn t fit into anything It s not that there was a punk sound it s that punk was a catch all category Many of the people involved were artists of other sorts as well and were really into the performance aspect Alsoistinct from the other scenes few of the LA bands ever left California signed to major labels or even recorded albums at all Especially for this reason it is exciting to hear all the original scenesters tell their stories The authors really Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature did a tremendous job finding all the characters and the oral history format causes everything to flow together the way a film might making it easy to feel like you were actually thereUnlike most music histories those interviewed in this bookon t romanticize the time period Nonetheless I can t help but romanticize a bit about a time when music could still shock when a scene was open to all kinds of musical weirdness and when the community had to be really tight because there was no Internet yet But other aspects certainly aren t romantic The scene seemed pretty shocking and extreme LA wasn t about college kids starting bands like it is today there were stories of 15 year olds taking LSD with strangers at a Taco BellNonetheless the scene was efinitely all about FUN The focus on fun along with the DIY spirit and the creation alternative show spaces at house parties and even restaurants remind me of both Chicago hardcore scene as well as today s hipster ominated indie rock scene that s focused on partyingMuch like the NYC scene but for ifferent reasons LA punk was pretty fleeting More aggressive or macho hardcore took over stylistically and cops broke up some of the alternative spaces that were home to the scene Perhaps one uote best sums it up Everything has its moments and then it oesn t any especially in California 29 There was some good stuff in here but I was left it Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse doesn t any especially in California 29 There was some good stuff in here but I was left pretty frustrated andisappointed by most of it I felt like it was just scratching the surface of what was going on and found it very isj. Taking us back to late ’70s and early ’80s Hollywood pre crack pre AIDS pre Reagan We Got the Neutron Bomb re creates word for word the rage intensity and anarchic glory of the Los Angeles punk scene straight from the mouths of the scenesters zinesters groupies filmmakers and musicians who were there“California was wide open sex no condoms no birth control no morality no guilt” Kim Fowley“The Runaways were rebels all of us were And a lot of people looked

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What I can tell and with of an ADD kid s enthusiastic Spazziness Except For The Heroin Except for the heroin guess Heroin would land in the middle of the Venn iagram too And while some of the end of scene bands DK Black Flag Circle Jerks etc were seminal influences on my teenage years this book glosses over that era But I liked We Got The Neutron Bomb and you already based on your background can probably An Alien Heat discern whether or not you ll like it too By the way I filter my perceptions of California punk through my friend James who grew up in the area back then In turn I assume all California punks 1 know James and 2 are kind of like James He now lives in Villa Park Illinois where he plays chess and camps in his living room with my godson Milo This conflation is fair to neither James nor California punk history Sorry The subtitle of this book is The Untold Story of LA Punk It is an oral history of the LA punk movement in the 70 s and 80 s a parallel to the NY book Please Kill Me If you have seen the movie The Mayor Sunset Strip about Rodney Bingenheimer you will be familiar with some of the main characters at the beginning of the movement Bingenheimer and Kim Fowley I think after reading this I should finally try and see The Decline of Western Civilization The bookoes an unusually good job of The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society documenting punkuring this time and place It s basically an oral history and the editor managed to trim the interviews in a manner that kept everyone from wandering off into pointless blather But there is one big problem with LA punk that kept it from becoming better known Lack of talent The only really good underground bands LA produced Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance during this time period and they weren t exactly punk either were the Gun Club and The Last the latter being both then and now pretty obscure even by underground standards As for the Gun Club even they took several years toevelop into a Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings decent live act But LA was never as important a scene as New York or London because the LA bands weren t as good as the Ramones and they weren t as good as the Sex Pistols Heck they weren t even as good as Sham 69 Instead what Mullenocuments are self indulgent scenesters Scenesters have never learned the most important rule about art You can t serve two masters Art comes first It s important than Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) drugs It s important than alcohol It s important than money It s important than your ego Finally It s important than your urge to be a selfestructive attention whore whining on stage There are three ancedotes I read a long time ago about Jeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club that really illustrate what a true musical fanatic is like One Pierce would show up at used record sale events the night before and stand in line all night To Be First Through The be first through the Second when he went through a reggae craze he traveled all the way to Jamaica just to buy his favorite reggae artist a Gramatica de baza a limbii romane drink Third when he got interested in Jimi Hendrix s guitar playing he beat the bushes all over France and found the guy who worked on Hendrix s guitars just so the guy could customize Pierce s guitar the same way heid Hendrix s Now those are examples of someone who put the art first By the time that I got interested in punk and the underground music scene it was late 1980 or early 81 when the initial explosion had Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature diedown So I listened to everything from the New York bands of the early 70s and the English bands of the mid 70s as well as these LA bands all at onceThis oral history traces the LA scene from the Glam Rock of Bowie Roxy Music and T Rex to it s morphing into the DIY movement that exploded on the West Coast producing such bands as The Germs The Go Gos The Runaways to X and Black Flag Through first hand accounts Marc Spitz and Brendan Mullen capture the filth College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting drugs alcohol andebauchery of the nascent punk movement in California that spread thoughout underground America at the end of the 70s and into the MTV Integrating Cleveland Baseball decade of the 80sWell worth a look to all aficionados of the genre. Fifty punks were living at the Canterbury You’d walk into the courtyard and there’d be aozen ifferent punk songs all playing at the same time It was an incredible environment” Belinda CarlisleAssembled from exhaustive interviews We Got the Neutron Bomb tells the authentically gritty stories of bands like the Runaways the Germs X the Screamers Black Flag and the Circle Jerks their rise their fall and their undeniable influence on the rock ’n’ roll of tod. ,

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Ointed It s no Please Kill Me I ll say that This is so hard to rate because on one hand this book was incredibly fun to read and on the other hand I on t actually know how well it was Grassroots Leviathan donehow much of it I should be taking seriously It is an oral history by way of snippets of past interviews pasted together to almost seem like a cohesive story and conversation That alone makes you wonder how much is cut out and edited to just make the story flow better As with any oral history there was obviously some conflicting information and Iid like seeing multiple sides to the stories but there was also a section that had a uote a section about playing at wong s and hong s that was assigned to two Voices and Veils different people Unless they all just had the EXACT same words to say about the places this seems unlikely the editors of this book messed up At the very least they messed up in allowing the uote to be printed twice even if it was said by twoifferent people in some interview in the 80s It makes the rest seem messy and unreliable Ah well other than that I learned a ton of new information and it was like real housewives of LA punk so basically it was great It kind of makes sense to me in terms of music to make the 70s actually something like 1972 to 10 years later and this book tells the story of LA punk o As an oral history this could have been meatier It s chopped up into small focused chapters of a few pages each For such a Facts and Features of English History, a Series of Alternating Reading and Memory Exercises diverse and interesting scene this book couldefinitely have been longer But I on t want to look a gift horse in the mouth The early LA punk scene was open to women and ueers than other punk scenes "AND FOR BETTER OR WORSE IT "for better or worse it arose in a vacuum unto itself And then hardcore came around and white udes from Orange County Love in Bloom decided that they would vent their adolescent angst by alienating people with actual problems and making punk less fun and aggressive Boo This list emerges when I play California punk rock word association Black Flag SST records X Flipper The Dead Kennedys Some other bands The Decline of Western Civilization The Minutemen Ion t mean to be all name roppy I ve learned my musical knowledge of which I m pathetically and unreasonably proud is incomplete to the point of embarrassment I was too young yay for most of the classic punk years and have spent ecades hearing grandma and granpa scenesters five or six years older than me rone on about how much better the scene barf was before all us little hardcore kids ruined it Whatever We Got The Neutron Bomb is pretty good I now can add when playing California punk word association Tom Waits getting in a fistfight with some guy over Alice Bag sp The Screamers and The Weirdos Both sound guy over Alice Bag sp The Screamers and The Weirdos Both sound on paper The idea that some people consider Jim Morrison a precursor of California punk This isturbs me than I can express I fucking hate The Doors Yes I know their keyboard player is on X s The World s A Mess It s In My Kiss one of my favorite songs ever butI Hermetic Alchemy Science and Practice The Golden Dawn Alchemy Series 2 don t care Jim Morrison was lame Belinda Carlisle sp in her fat pre Go Gosays David Bowie s importance to both the NY and LA scenes Were I completing a Venn IELTS Academic and General Task 2 How to Write at a Band 9 Level diagram with LA punk on one side and NY punk on the other Bowie would be in the middle The Runaways I knew about them already I guess from the movie and Lita Ford videos but I gained new respect for Joan Jett especially This book utilizes the same chatty artfully cut and paste interview segments into a narrative format perfected in this volume s NY predecessor Please Kill Me I m from Chicago and maintain only a passing interest in most of these bands and their history but I liked the book well enough to stay up late Wednesday night so I could finish I read Please Kill Me maybe four or five years ago so my memory has faded but this volume seemed fun than that one The California punks seemed less affected than the NY punks The California punks embraced the theater and spectacle with less of aistant cool from. P to us It helped a lot of kids who had very mediocre uneventful unhappy lives It gave them something to hold on to” Cherie Currie“The objective was to create something for our own personal satisfaction because everything in our youthful and limited opinion sucked and we knew better” John Doe“The Masue was like Heaven and Hell all rolled into one It was a bomb shelter a basement It was so amazing such a BWWM dive but it was ourive” Hellin Killer“At least. We Got the Neutron BombThe Untold Story of LA Punk