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Prince OmbraI don t know how I heard about this book but I had it reuested out of the Library And In My Hands and in my hands a week And it sat in my library bag for almost three weeks while I read through my ever enjoyable Jacueline Carey series a couple mangas and even a romance novel Finally I only had this strange book Prince Ombra left to read The cover on the copy I had showed a rocky shore with two ospreys in the foreground and very tiny off in the distance two Code Name: Silence people sitting on the rocks The story looked like it could have been a 1950 s book about two kids and their summer adventures or maybe a nature guide for the Northern seacoastWhat it did not look like was the explanation of all evil and good in the world and their eternal battleI loved it from the first fewages where the unknown later you find out storyteller talks about how when all Und Schuf Mir Einen Götzen: Lehrjahre Eines Kommunisten people are born an angeluts its finger on our lips and tells us to not say what we know about our after revious lives which is why we all have clefts on our upper lips But every few generations there is someone born without that cleft a great warrior who remembers all his ast lives and knows that he will someday battle Prince Ombra who causes all evil in the worldAt the time of this story the great warrior happens to be a lame 8 year old boy named Bentley His friends are a girl who cannot speak and an elderly Margery Meets the Roses psychologist who happens to love mythology and recognizes what Bentley is and his great destinyI loved the great explanation of why there is evil and how we have always had warriors fighting for us I loved how the author tied many cultures mythologies together into one great epic And I loved that the great battle this time around had such an unlikely hero and was focused on a small town and its residentsI couldn t give it 5 stars however because the story seemed really rushed towards the end and you had to rely on the epilogue to explain too much Overall I am so glad I found this book I still don t know why I would have reuested it and I hope everyone who loves epic battles gets a chance to read it Bentley Ellicot is and willrobably forever be my favorite hero of all time He is an unlikely hero in that he has learned spells from the crabs and is able to speak to animals however most eople see him as a cripple He is young and kind and helpful and he is born knowing many things specifically his destinyHis heart has been that of a thousand different heros including King Authur and Homer and that with this gift he has been given he must defeat the essence of evil in the world Prince Ombra Though he is considered eculiar by the inhabitants of his home town he makes two friends one of which is Sally DrakeSlally a girl who speaks in a nonsense language that only Bentley can understand She becomes Bentley s main support in his battle against the evils of the world This friendship that Sally and Bentley share is full of happiness and realistic struggles that are enjoyable to read about and to learn fromThe themes ortrayed in Prince Ombra are very deep and evoke many theological uestions important to self discovery The theme

friendship helping to overcome the in our lives is also very rominent and inspiring in this novel Every character is beset with their uniue set of challenges and in order to overcome them they are given friends to help them along the wayPrince Ombra is so amazingly well done and contains such deep uestions about the essence of life and being and has such realistic character developme. The World has found its new heroThe The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman problem Bentley Ellicott is only a kidBentley has secretowers And he's going to need them Bentley is a hero the thousand and first to be exact in. .
Nt that it is easy to say that it has become one of the best books I have had the rivilege to read There are some books that just resonate deep inside of you This is one such book for me It incorporates arthurian legend and you can never go wrong with that I ve read this book robably three times It incorporates arthurian legend and you can never go wrong with that I ve read this book robably three times still have it might well read it againNothing like itKids communicating in ways you only dream is Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 possible or might hardly not remember Sub verbal With geniusGreat drama Life defying twists A real sleeper Who knows about this bookOtherwise the guy s aolitical writer from Washington DC Go figure Sometimes it s stunning to read a book that s this good and yet is out of rint and not exactly well knownTo some degree it s easy to understand why it wasn t terribly successful it s a book about children that isn t really for them I realised early on that this book in many ways reminded me of Stephen King but the first thing that struck me was that it approached writing about children the same way he does It s a book for adults who still remember what being a child was likeIt s like Stephen King in other ways whether by coincidence tribute or accident The New England setting is an obvious connection as is the focus on the lives of the eople in the town and how the encroaching evil brings out the worst in everyone There are lots of other little touches that remind me of Stephen King but this book is unmistakably Stephen King esue though I admit that some of the best comparisons to Prince Ombra actually come after its releaseBut I was often glad that I wasn t reading an actual Stephen King book as he can be The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone pretty merciless Sure Helga and Charlie s deaths are right up his alley but herobably would ve killed half the town or had it burn to the ground See Salem s Lot for Rivers Last Longer proof of both I fear that Slally might ve suffered an even worse fate at the hands of Steve Slattery or that Bentley would ve had to have actually died at the end There s no way both of theirarents would ve survived It was nice to have good feelings at the end and with Stephen King happy endings just aren t a thingThere are also what are even likely direct allusions to Tolkien with the Eye of Sauron or less actually appearing along with some Stone of Ra and One Ring arallelsIt s the sort of thing I dig a lot A lot of my favourite fiction references other fiction notably Stephen King s The Dark Tower series basically runs on references to other fictional worksIn many ways Slally is the real star of this book although maybe that s only half true The real star of this book is Bentley and Slally s friendship Friendship is often neglected in stories in favour of romance It s rare that you get a ure POWER OF FRIENDSHIP narrative that doesn t end up being romantic And romantic narratives are fine but there s a lot to lifeThere s something about their mutual connection and loyalty to each other that is emotionally compromising and the whole thing kind of hinges on it I mean the book is about Bentley vs Ombra but only technically And in the end that was an existential battle rather than a traditional heroic battleI also think there was something wonderful about both Bentley and Slally being disabled characters and I felt like that aspect was handled well or at least better than what I m used to seeingThe supporting characters were also largely interesting especially Dr Kreistein I ll admit that Willybilly was an odd character who seemed The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! particularly modeled on Willie Nelson It s not arobl. A long line of heroes that has stretched all the way back to antiuity Heroes like Arthur and Hercules And now BentleyThat's because there is an evil in the world that never dies Its.

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Em with the book but man it s a weird choiceWhat is a roblem with the book Not much Occasionally I felt like the book could ve taken a moment to breathe here and there but it s not that anything was missing Just that I was enjoying the book and felt like I had no choice but to keep moving to finish But I can t complain because the The Wedding Redux pacing is largelyerfect I didn t get to breathe but I was also never bored not even for a momentThe ending was basically Rolling Thunder perfect I m a big fan of getting to see the characters older and reflective and getting to know what happened to all of the characters not just therimary ones Plus I feel like I ve read too many similar books that just end the book two Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? pages the climax and don t even bother with this bit Again Irobably would ve enjoyed it if it was even longer but that s not a fault with itThis is definitely a book that deserves a lot attention It s rare to find something so utterly erfect that manages to remind me of other things I love without feeling derivative i found a really old copy of this book at a garage saleit had this crazy bright opalescent cover and looked like a completely tr THE CURRENT VERSION IS ABRIDGED ONLY READ THE OUT OF PRINT EDITIONS I bought the current edition for friends and was disappointed and saddened to learn they really didn t like it But after discussing the book with them things started to sound fishy I checked out the edition I had bought for them and realized it had been abridged and bowlderized to make it into children s or young adult fiction While them and realized it had been abridged and bowlderized to make it into children s or young adult fiction While original book is not inappropriate for young adults it is not written as young adult fiction The abridgement of the current edition is haphazard and leaves lot holes and is above all unnecessary So do yourself a favor get a copy of the out of Bootie and the Beast print edition with the black and white silhouette cover striped shirt bird above I read it in high school thanx Michelle I haveurchased copies of this book than any other book I loan it out and never seem to get it back Top 5 of the greatest books I have read ever Someone once loaned me a copy of The Key How to Write Damn Good Fiction Using the Power of Myth by James N Frey It was one of those books that I devoured in one sitting I recently added it to my eReader and look forward to reading it againThe reason I bring up James Frey s book in this review is because that is EXACTLY what Prince Ombra is DAMN GOOD FICTION that utilizes the ower of myth to tell a familiar story in a contemporary settingI still remember the First Time I Saw This Book The time I saw this book The cover gleaming in the afternoon sunlight caught my eye and I took it down from my mother s bookshelf I couldn t have been than 13 years old The story left me absolutely breathless and to this day when I reach the last few ages of the last chapter I still find myself in tears usually because I have forgotten that scene and A lucky find at Goodwill It s always great to find an author you ve never heard ofA very good book Difficult to read at times there s a lot of Truth here A nine year old boy is chosen to fight the ultimate evil fight it at age nine A difficult thing as a nine year old The writing reminds me of Ray Bradbury Think of Something Wicked This Way Comes though it is nothing like that other than normal everyday life and the horrors it can contain Horror seems worse when it s eople you know and see everyday and the small things they do to each other stepping only slightly over the line but causing horriffic results. Name is Prnce Ombra When Prince Ombra arises a hero is called upon to battle him One day when Bentley is grown he will be that heroWhat Bentley doesn't know is that his one day is tod. ,