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Is delectable spicy and funny holiday romance is Where on Earth has Heather MacAllister been all my reading life I mean seriously This book tickled all my funny bones unlike any story I have read of late and the funny bones weren t the only ones that Ty tickled with his wickedly inappropriate thoughts about his friend Marlie who all of a sudden turns into a sexy siren That Calls To His Libido To Carry Her Off Into calls to his libido to carry her off into cave and have his wicked way with her Likes1 The uniueness of this friends to lovers story What makes this tale so uniue is the way the story "Is Told Never Does A "told Never does a go by that doesn t make you want to grin from ear to ear or makes you want to laugh out loud in merriment Witty dialogue alone is not what makes this book special the story is mostly told from Ty s point of view which certainly makes for an interesting read when his emotions and libido goes on full red alert and starts noticing Marlie for the delectable woman she is the woman who is the ONE for him And Ms MacAllister certainly pulls no punches in delivering enough emotion to make you giddy once you are done A delectable read indeed is this one 2 Marlie Walters She is far from being perfect and at the beginning she is as sloppy as anyone can get which made me relate to her on a whole new level I understood where can get which made me relate to her on a whole new level I understood where was coming from and that made this book the instant winner it was for me I loved Marlie s thoughts and her bubbly nature which fully complements Ty s serious and orderly nature3 Ty Sigh The guy just makes me go weak at my nees with all those wicked thoughts that races through his mind each and every time that he tries to deny what he feels for Marlie And when Ty does come to realize that it is Marlie with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with I found the way he tried to go about convincing Marlie of his intentions so cute and endearing4 The sizzling sexual zing in the story Though this book doesn t pack a bunch of sex scenes of the explicit nature I had a lot of fun reading and feeling the chemistry between Marlie and Ty skyrocket to unbearable levels with every encounter That makes this book a Blaze worth indulging inDislikes None Though I would have loved me an epilogue Would have lent this story the perfectness it deservesRecommended for1 Fans of Harleuin Blaze titles2 Fans of holiday romances3 Fans of contemporary romances with enough humor and sexual zing to warm your insides through a cold wintry night I loved this one to bits Full review with uotes enjoyed this way than I expected to even laughed out loud in a few places So goodthere were times when I was frustrated with both characters but it never lasted long enough to jeapordize how much I liked them They seemed THE COCAINE ADDICTION CURE (Drug Addiction, 12 Step Program, Road to Recovery, Alcohol Addiction) kind of real too with realistic flaws And the Axelle thing resolved in a surprising way I was worried that was gonna ruin it for me Lots of fun lots of heartenjoyed it And apparently I m feeling verbose today This was a cute friends to lovers story There wasn t much character development but it was a very short read so I suppose some things have to be compromisedTy suddenly notices his plainind of chubby best friend is hot and he s in love with her after the Ess 4 Oops She works so much that Ty presents her with a 12 Days of Christmas charity auction dating package just to get her out of his hair 5 Okay get a move on with twelve surprisingly fun dates6 Hmm Start to see Ty as pretty hu. A Man for All Seasons

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Tyler Burton has had to watch over Marlie Waters ever since they were children She followed him everywhere and he was her protector They lost touch through the years but Tyler now needs Marlie Tyler Needs A Place To Stay Until His a place to stay until his is finished and Marlie s home is perfect After her fiancee left her without an explanation Marlie has plenty of room and Tyler is happy to move in What he s not happy about is the lack of privacy he experiences whenever his girlfriend comes to visit Since her engagement ended Marlie has become a bit "of a hermit with no desire to go out or spruce " a hermit with no desire to go out or spruce up But after Marlie awkwardly interrupts during a steamy interlude he s having with his girlfriend Tyler has had enough It s time she gets past her sadness and finds a new man to get her out of the house so Tyler can finally have time alone with his girlfriend To help Marlie and impress his girlfriend with his monetary donation during a charity auction of single men Tyler buys 12 men who he hopes will bring Marlie a Merry Christmas What Tyler doesn t expect is the brand new Marlie that s unleashed With form fitting clothes and a sexy new hairdo Marlie dives in wholeheartedly to what each man plans for her But the outgoing Marlie becomes the stronger Tyler s protective instincts ick back in And the of this new Marlie he sees the he likes She too is seeing Tyler in a whole new light and can t help but compare each date to him He s no longer just her roommate he s the sexy man who s always cared about her and the only man she truly wants to impress So will the two of them ever uit arguing long enough to admit their attraction or will past hurts continue to affect their future togetherThis is a fun fast paced read that I was sad to see come to an end Both characters are extremely likable with actions that are totally believable They re both humorous and sexy and you can t help but root for them to admit their feelings for each other The friends to lovers theme is a favorite of mine and MacAllister writes about it beautifully Not only are the main characters wonderful but many of the secondary "Characters Are Worthy Of "are worthy of own story particularly Tyler s girlfriend Axelle She has hear own sad story of loss and deserves happiness too I greatly anticipate any continuation of this story and can t recommend it highly enough to those wanting a holiday read to warm their heart Tyler Burton and Marlie Waters grew up together and currently Ty is living in Marlie s house while his house is being built Marlie doesn t date muchat all since having her heart broken by her ex fiancee and Ty who has a girlfriend and can never get any alone time with her because Marlie is always in the house decides to purchase a 12 days of Christmas charity auction package which is 12 dateswith 12 different guys It works at first until Ty realizes he loves Marlie who already new she loved Ty It s fun and romantic and a great read any time of the year A light fun Christmas read from the Blaze Books of Christmas 2010 PS Santa I would like an upgraded version of Marnie s original bed Thank you A 45 star holiday romance worth indulging inThe uestion utmost on my mind after finishing up th. Marlie Waters's Christmas List 1 Get a roommate so she can afford her mortgage after broken engagement2 Check Her old family friend Tyler Burton needs a room So what if he's been her longtime crush 3 Ramp up her home business succ. ,
Liched much needed makeover The steam factor was pretty low considering this is marketed as a Blaze They didn t even get it on until approx page 195 and it was uite pg 13 Well she did decorate his package with some tinsel which I found a bit wierd but other than that it was pretty cleanThe Christmas angle wasn t bad I recommend for anyone wanting a fluffy read A Man For All Seasons was surprisingly enjoyable I only bought this because the book was on sale at Harleuin and I wanted a Christmasy read The premise sounded cute but not romantic the hero Ty buys twelve dates for his roommate Marlie not romantic the hero Ty buys twelve dates for his roommate Marlie get her out of the house so he get have some alone time with his girlfriend I wasn t sure how Heather MacAllister was going to create a believable romance since both the hero and heroine are dating other people but I thought the author did an admirable job getting the two of them together The author s voice is engaging and she managed to avoid several cliches that I thought were going to be inevitable I loved the humor in this book there were several moments where I actually laughed out loud And thanks to this book whenever I think of tinsel I will imagine it turning the hero s manhood all silver and sparklyA lot of this book is told from the hero s POV Ty who is a total dufus A lovable lot of this book is told from the hero s POV Ty who is a total dufus A lovable but a total dufus It was fun watching him struggle with the whoremadonna dichotomy He started out convinced that Marlie was a wifemother ind of woman and that meant he couldn t have sexy fun times in bed with her It takes awhile but he eventually gets over that Marlie is recovering from being dumped by her fiance And uses this gift as a way to jump back into the dating pool I liked that she enjoyed her dates with the 12 guys I was "kinda afraid that they were going to turn out to be total "afraid that they were going to turn out to be total but instead she had fun and her flirting was cuteThe Christmas stuff was fun I really liked that it was the hero who wanted the holiday decorations and not the heroine which is what usually happensI also liked Axelle the woman Ty was dating She could have easily turned into the bitter other woman but the author avoided that and I liked how Ty s relationship with her turned out I thought Axelle was an interesting character and I hope that we get her story somedayThis was a fluffy fun uick read and I m glad that I took a chance on a new to me author I m definitely looking forward to her next book Blaze583 Dec2010 Friends to lovers story Marlie and Tyler s families have been friends for a long time spending vacations together many times When Tyler gets a job in the town Marlie moved to with her now long gone fianc Their parents get them in touch so he is able to rent a room in her house until his house is finished Bumps along the way with his builder eep him in her house longer than he planned A bachelor auction gets them both than they planned on After reading a number of very forgettable H books this month this MacAllister was a very refreshing enjoyable fun read Others have reviewed this book or given the synopsis so I ll just say I recommend this one highly I love MacAllister s writing style the words just flow across the page I just hope Axelle gets her own story. Nkyand living under the same roof7 Wow Kiss Ty Get hot 'n' heavy under the tree one night8 Start to believe in holiday magic9 until Ty breaks her heart again10 Make a new Christmas list Well maybe after unwrapping Ty just one time.