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[EBOOK READ] Virgin Cat Star Chronicles #7 Author Cheryl Brooks

Virgin blew me away with Its Entertaining Story Line Exciting entertaining story line exciting and purr fectly charming Zetithians for fans to swoon over Ms Brooks might have heard me suealing in delight when I found out that Virgin is a continuation of the series that I fell in love with I m pretty sure I was that loud in my excitement This is most definitely a standalone read m pretty sure I was that loud in my excitement This is most definitely a standalone read it picks up with one of the survivors of that ship at the end of Hero I met a lot of new and fascinating characters and I commend the author and her creative talents What am I referring to Every time the author introduces a new character and her creative talents What am I referring to Every time the author introduces a new character or she appears so naturally and provides ample opportunities for the hero and heroine through their interactions with them to grow and for the plot to move forward Another thing with Ms Brooks writing is her sense of humor If her characters can pull off a joke or pun or have dialogue scenes with witticisms that make a reader roll on the floor the author finds every one of them and uses them to perfection In this latest book her sense of fun and the ridiculous is as sharp as ever All someone has to do is mention Ms Brooks name and I break out into a grin When the book starts a reader meets the heroine Ava first I got the biggest kick out of her but don t let her anywhere near our frying pans She s a woman with smokin hot passions and I m not talking about her cooking She s courageous clever uick on her feet and even alien than the past heroines in the series I am in love with her hair Kudos to the author for making something so ordinary into the most amusing uniue and captivating feature a heroine has ever had It is a brilliant stroke of genius and is another testimony to Ms Brooks vivid imagination Dax is one of the newly found Zetithians and he s so dreamy I really enjoyed reading about his falling in love and how he goes about it It s not perfect and that made it all the special I also enjoyed the role he ends up playing It was sort of mystical and very heroic What makes it even better He wasn t doing it for the glory but something a lot basic and romantic love My favorite description of him comes from Ava He was a big purring kitten of a man How can a reader not fall in love with him too I had an absolute blast with the secondary characters Waroun constantly gave me the giggles Kots was creepy and totally cool Threldigan is a character I d love to know about and uinn was a character with a surprising bit of depth after he took a bath Remember I mentioned fun dialogue This line had me in stitches and is just a small example of the fun that is in store for readers throughout the entire book Bird Habitats in Britain you want to get dinner over with soou can get back to the ship and play snuggle bunnies with Super Kitten There are so many moments of wonderful repartee between Dax Ava and the other characters that it made reading this story a breeze I never knew who was going to say what and it guaranteed my absolute focus on the story I didn t want to miss a thing I d be remiss if I didn t tease readers with the hot factor in the book Yes the powerful snard is back but I also think the author challenged herself a bit with some of the physical relationship scenes this time around It s really eyebrow raising and uite erotic and et even in the midst of all those increased pheromones some scenes get tickled with the brush of humor to an enjoyable degree I loved it It s not all purrs bites and sex in trees there are some seriously nasty villains chasing Dax and Ava At one point I thought there was one group but as I read I figured out that there were two factions chasing my new favorite hero and heroine and I didn t know which group was worse and who was going to get to them first It was a great bit of writing because it kept me on the edge of my seat I liked the idea that things the main characters thought they knew were actually mistruths and the revelations were gripping The confrontation was full of action and crisp writing and I felt like I was right in the thick of it It s another strong point in this book s favor Virgin is high caliber entertainment from beginning to end it hit all my happy buttons and I couldn t put it down I continue to be amazed as to the uality and vibrant imagery painted within its pages whether it be flora fauna or characters Ms Brooks has consistently written well thought out intricate stories that amuse and entertain and Virgin continues the trend It s been an awesome reading experience and I am so glad the author has coming out I simply can t He's never met anyone who made him purr Starship pilot Dax never encountered a woman he wanted badly enough Until he met Ava Karon And he'll never give. Reuesting permission to landDax was raised on that ship He is now a wealthy Starship pilot with his own ship When he accepts a passenger he charges only what they can afford to pay Ava Karon needs to get away from an abusive man and Dax agrees to take her to her home planet because dax has never met a woman Because Dax has never met a woman wants he is still a virgin Dax is attracted to Ava but he does not know how to let her know Women usually

Throw Themselves At Him 
themselves at him Ava does not Dax needs help Throw in danger a friend who may or may not help Dax with Ava and ou have a great adventureVirgin is a great addition to the Cat Star series Again Cheryl Brooks has come up with great hero and a woman who is his match With over one hundred Zetithian refugees still out there nine lives may not be enough for this seriesVirgin can be read as a stand alone but for the most fun start at the beginning with Slave and read in the following order Warrior Outcast Rogue Fugitive and Hero My Thoughts4 12 starsThe Virgin is a sexy and adventurous romp through the galaxy What fun The Virgin made me laugh A lot It has it s serious moments and lots of kick ass and take no prisoners moments too but I love the sense of humor displayed by the characters Cheryl Brooks has such a well developed sense of humor and the skill to write it well Loved the innuendoes and word playsI ve read several books in Cat Star Chronicles series Cheryl writes entertaining well thought out plots and her world is complete and realistic What draws me time and again to Cheryl s books is the fact she creates not only memorable main characters but an amazing cast of secondary characters These characters add dimension and layers to her storiesThe Virgin is one of my favorites of Ms Brooks Cat Star Chronicles In part I think it s because Zetithians are reputed through out the stars as phenomenal lovers and here الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you have one that s a virgin and the spirited heroine isn t I couldn t help but laugh over the fumbling and funny attempts on Dax s part to woo Ava no worries he does figure it out and very very well I loved the dynamics between Dax and Ava and how these two skillfully brings together a rather ragtag band of aliens into a cohesive group to protect Ava and fight off the bad guys Waroun is Dax s first officer and funny as hell but he is also very heroicThere is a strong thread of mysterysuspense in the story set around Ava She s being hunted but for what purpose Who are the good guys And what s the deal with the stone in her necklace Cheryl feeds us a strand at a time and just enough to increase the tension and danger The final battle is satisfying and loved the kick ass aspects of itThis story has it all romance humor suspense danger battles and hot sex Definitely a must read this summerSia McKye s ThoughtsOVER COFFEE 090419 that was fast multiple in all ways this is science fantasy popular romantic pulp seventh in series i have not read but certainly helps me better understand those female sci fi geeks who were both defensive proud assertive in person about what science fantasy authors should write and how this is essentially different than male geeks rather than discoveringou character as hero win big fights gain empire etc there is saving familyworld from war finding love through lust understanding selfhistory and value in universe and there is much grrreat sex again this is found as first experience but it is finally after much found that this expresses love as in happily ever after there is some heroine s journey in ending warterror etc but the most important thing is he loves her and this means grrreat sex so an easy read maybe not to read the series in fact it reminds me most of that comic space opera from 1949 witches of karres which i have somehow read about 3 times with grrreat sexuestion after looking at gr reviews i am wondering do any other men read this please enlighten whywhy notlater addition 160419 and this is very funny maybe self referring maybe satire of the sub genre DNFI DIDNT FIND THE CHARACTERS CHEMISTRY TO BE COMPELLING AT ALL WHILE THERE MAY BE HUMOR IT IS JUST NOT WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR I have loved the Cat Star Chronicles series 6 was my favorite in the seriesthey have moments where they are a bit corny but that is part of the appealfun of themthey are pure fantasy For some reason this one just did not do it for me I made it to page 270 of the 355 pages but just could not finish it I hope that I will be able to finish it later and re evaluate it but for right now I just can t pick it back up. Ey together turns into a uest neither expected Ava would give herself to Dax in a heartbeat Except he doesn't know the first thing about seducing a woma.

REVIEW Virgin Cat Star Chronicles #7

Et enough of that snard originally posted at Virgin should have been called WTF because those three letters popped up in my head constantly WTF because those three letters popped up in my head constantly I read Cheryl Brooks has a crazy imagination There were too many info dumps and too much telling but she told an interesting storyI thought I would feel dropped into their world as this is book 7 but I didn t Brooks gives us a good intro to both leads However Ava comes off as kinda dim at first Lars was awful but wait there is a reason for her staying that we find out later and Dax seems like a pretty bumDax and Ava were okay but I didn t love either one There were a million side characters but they either one There were a million side characters but they seemed to serve a purpose even If I Couldn T I couldn t the names straightThe Zetithian Dax s people are known for their cat like beauty and the men are basically non demonic Incubi Women constantly fall all over them and they are better lovers than any other being We are told this over and over again This ends up being a huge part of the book The main adventure is actually about Ava and her father s home planetSafe mostly we meethear about Lars but she leaves him a few hours after meeting Dax and Dax talks about all of the women who want him and thinks about working at a brothel lol But there is a really not safe scene not the guy giving his twin a bj oO view spoiler They go to see a few of Dax s friends who work at a brothel One of them is about to see a client He is erect and secreting this syrup that makes a woman orgasm instantly He gathers a bit from his penis onto his thumb sticks it in Ava s mouth and she orgasms Dax is standing next to them This was about her getting a taste of what it would be like to have sex with Dax and he wasn t upset but Riders of the Sea yeahDax and Ava have sex a few pages later hide spoiler Oh what a refreshing read in the Cat Chronicles Dax is a virgin unlike all the other Zetithain males we ve come across It was nice to see one of this highly sought after guys keeps it in his pants waiting for the right girl Ifou ve read any of the series Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you know all about the Zetithain s special skills and extras in the sex department The males have to have all those extras to win over females of their species So Dax is waiting and Ava just so happens to need him and his ship no pun intended to another world Look forward to some great fun Comedy romance a little mysterysuspense and whole lotta making up for lost time It has a happy ending and left me chuckling with the last line Dax is probably one of the last Zetithian males to not have a mate This is only because Dax has his eyes on Ava Funny though as Ava does not seem to be interested in Dax Zetithian males have the ability to make any woman fall for them that is except for AvaWhen Ava hitches a ride on Dax s ship Dax may finally have his opportunity to win Ava over Unfortunately for Dax Ava is heading back to an old boyfriend Dax has until they land to try and convince Ava that he is the man for her Virgin is the latest book in Cheryl Brook s the Cat Star Chronicles series I just love every one of these books I just devour them Virgin is the cat s meow It is purrrfect It was refreshing to find a woman who did not instantly succumb to the Zetithian male s charms and aroma Dax was a surprise To find a Zetithian male that was a virgin than the woman he was pursuing This actually helped as I could picture Dax and Ava making a good couple together Another surprise was Kot Kot is a robot that is on Dax s ship Kot has a mind of its own The outfits that Kot would choose for Ava was funny It was like Kot was helping Ava and Dax get together I can not wait to pounce on the next book in this series I have the privilege of being Cheryl s critiue partner so I was able to be one of the first people to read Virgin All ofou Cat Star Chronicle fans are in for a REAL TREAT This is probably her best book of the series Great characterizations hilarious secondary characters Virgin has it all I was surprised when I read that there was another book in the Cat Star Chronicles At the end of Hero the sixth book I thought the series was at an end but as Cheryl says in VirginImage her publisher said that cats have nine lives and her series should have just as many If I had looked closer I would have realized that the following message Jack got in Hero s Epilogue was setting the stage for future booksA woman by the name of Amelyana Grekkor has arrived at Terra Minor in a starship filled with over a hundred Zetithian refugees They have been in space for twenty five ears and are. His body without giving his heart Dax is happy to take Ava back to her home planet until he finds out she's returning to an old boyfriend As their journ. Virgin Cat Star Chronicles #7