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Get Off the UnicornHrough the act I do have some issues with the Helva series but not so much

The Sex Scenes I 
sex scenes I not comfortable with hiding the disabled in ships before the kids have any choice as to career McCaffrey does have some of these disabled assume other careers such as Broley the one in charge of a city but it in charge of a city But it rather imited in terms of careers On the other hand the kids are alive It is pretty well spelled out they would be extremely imited in their original bodies if even alive Not changing my rating of 4 starsIf you are going to get so upset over this author stop reading her I ve always been ambivalent about McCaffrey I gave up on the Pern books fairly far into the series because the elements of sadism and rape I d had trouble with earlier became in my opinion the predominant elements I Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, ll probably never know if I should have given up on only that particular bookThe sexife of dragons is a disturbing but small part of their ives and the use of the mating flights to overcome the wills of the riders to celibacy for example or to other priorities some worthwhile some not or to the desire to choose th One of the BEST SciFi Writers of All TimeThese stories included some parts of her various series Pern was of course an excellent fan favorite series Mine was the Pegasus in Flight series and I enjoyed Brain Ship series Both are represented in this book of short stories I haven t read any of her series in years and years It s time to revisit those wonderful worlds In an effort to clear my shelves I am forcing myself to read books I ve had for just about forever Take for instance Get off the Unicorn I think I ve had this copy for 20 years That would have made me 13 or 14 when I bought it right at the peek of my ove for Anne McCaffrey s books I should have read it back then I would have enjoyed it This book contains a dozen short stories many of which exist in the worlds of her various series Of her series I ve mostly read the Pern books so most of the stories in this book didn t grab my attention on familiarity nor did they keep me interested enough to want to seek out their seriesCollectively they seem to center on ideas of gender age and the burden of power There are only so many times I can stand to read about how hard it is to be a girl or how hard it is to make grownups White Water listen or how hard it is to control one s psychic power or how hard it is to be the youngest or smallest etc If I were still an angsty teenager this book would probably speak to me than it does now This collection of short fiction is great pick for a McCaffrey fan There are many stand alone tales along with stories from the Pern and Brainship series as well as the two shorts which preceded The Tower and the Hive series The Brainship short should most definitely be read by those who already have some familiarity with the series though the others hold their own regardless While I could haveived and died without reading The Thorns of Barevi the rest of the stories were enjoyable to some degree or another. Changeling Weather on Welladay The Thorns of Barevi Horse From a Different Sea Great Canine Chorus Finder's Keeper A Proper Santa Claus The Smallest Dragonboy Apple Honeymoo. ,
Ine data store use in Dull Drums was eeireely accurate On rereading it I definitely think so and I suggest anyone interested in cases where the SF author pretty much got the future right in the concepts rather than the specifics take a read of this 1973 short storyMy favourites remainLady in the TowerA Meeting of MindsDull DrumsFinder s KeeperThe Smallest DragonboyHoneymoonI still think the most problematic story is Thorns of the Barevi as it is basically a rape fantasy and not a very good one basically a rape fantasy and not a very good one that So if that is an issue for you skip that oneThree of the stories here The Slave Dancer later went on to be novels Lady in the Tower The Rowan A Meeting of Minds Damia Thorns of the Barevi Freedom s Landing I find myself eager to get to The Rowan and Damia but as per my comments above find myself aittle concerned about Freedom s Landing But I ve never read the atter so it may not fit as closely to the short story as the first two doAfter two Anne McCaffrey books in two days I m taking a uick break but I intend to be back for Dragonsinger soon I m really enjoying my journey through her books This book is a collection of fourteen short stories These are mostly boring rather tedious sci fi renditions that frankly don t hold up well over the decades A couple of the stories supposedly for the Young Adult market are especially dull The story about the Smallest Dragon Boy and the Thorns of Barevi might be of interest to McCaffrey fans This is a wonderful collection of short stories I am usually not a fan of short stories but pretty much all of the 14 stories in here work It helps if you have read McCaffrey s
Various Series Particularly In 
series particularly in one titled Honeymoon Ship Who Sang series However a number are complete stand alone titles Several are short stories that she thought could be books someday such as the Raven women These ater did become books A general theme tends to be telepathy and variations of it in one way or another I picked this up as a vacation from ife and it worked very wellAddendum Lots of people are complaining about how McCaffrey condones rape and sexism I don t really agree While they do Lots of people are complaining about how McCaffrey condones rape and sexism I don t really agree While they do the point that there is some and I won t disagree I also think that people are getting too hung up on it I agree Thorns on Barevi is about a woman who comes to ike the man raping her and that isn t so great However I also think people are reading too much into it She starts The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History liking the guy well before he raped her Il agree that attitudes have changed However I l also point out that it isn t uncommon for people to start iking their kidnappers A World on Fire liking used in both a physical and non physical sense Stockholm Syndrome There is no hint in this story that the heroine is ever going to get back to her home so she needs to move on inife I also think people are getting way too hung up on potential rape in the Pern series You could just as easily say the men are being raped by the other men green and blue dragon riders or by the women ueen dragon riders who essentially chose the Weyrleader Ne McCaffrey has created an exciting collection of telepaths secret gifts dangerous missions dragonriders and ContentsLady in the Tower A Meeting of Minds Daughter Dull Drums. ,

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Yes this is how far I have sunk reading McCaffrey books which I read as a virgin teen This stuff I wouldn t recommend bec it was written way before women s Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life lib and the sexism and racism is so casual and endemic it s rather chilling Actually what s shocking is her seemingack of recognition that there are extremely sexist and even anti female elements in some of the stories I mean sure your Dad Daughter et al is a big sexist asshole but number of times One Female Protag Is female protag is by and doesn t protest the manhandling instead sees it as sign of caring it was sickening Or in Honeymoon HAHthe assumption that sign of caring it was sickening Or in Honeymoon HAHthe assumption that brawn must be watched for signs of obsession with the brain for fear he might be so overcome by ack of sexual stimulation during ong space flights that he might crack open the shell of his defenseless brain and rape a physically stunted person covered in nutritive fluid whos brain is exposed and connected with wires to the very functions of the ship which keep him alive What True I did not read The Ship Who Sang and now I don t really want to if that s the dynamic and I had been 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate looking forward to it Helva was nervous at first during the trip Can I trust him not to crack my shell Basically Can I trust him not to rape me in a fit of crazedust inspired by The Oxford New Greek Dictionary lack of available vaginas to poke and his wanting to join with her and the jibe about don t play that virgin crap with me What You re on a methane gas alien world without your usual physical body potentially dangerous beings watching you and you press the advantage to merge by yelling abuse Hello not the time for gettin it on no matter that it s sex by proxyIt s just depressing that in her world we can have hyperspace sophisticated ships and explore strange peoples andands but there is no way to deal with the male mammalian sex drive Oh yeah that s the point no matter what a woman s a woman and a man is a man and he s gotta have it and she s gonna give it one thousand years of techinical advancement notwithstanding Sheesh How backward Sign me up for some Cherryh Reeves Aguirre or Liz Moon The usual collection of rape slut shaming and misogyny from an author I used to think was pretty coolTL DRNot Terrible Horse From a Different Sea The Great Canine Chorus Finder s Keeper AppleAvoid At All Costs A Meeting of Minds The Thorns of Barevi HoneymoonLady in the Tower This The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece later became part of the novel The Rowan It s actuallyess terrible on its own but still kinda cringe yA Meeting of Minds In which the d Oooh I all but cut my baby teeth on this bookI totally The New Job Security loved it as it gave meittle nibbles into the different types of books AM writes The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) likeittle samples for me to decide what I might The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis like and what I certainly wouldn tAnd one or two where I was justike Whaaaa The great canine chorus was my favouriteYours I rather suspect I The Jumbee liked the same stories this time round as when I first read itI ve often reflected that over theast decade that Nora s analysis of people in the early 21st century and their onl. Open these pages and discover 14 remarkable stories of fantasy by a grand master of the genre A wonderful writer as well as successful and beloved by fans across the world An. .