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PDF/EBOOK The Dialectics of Seeing Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project ¼ Susan Buck–Morss

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F contextualizing and ngaging with what is an unfinished project and by doing so points out both the failure and promise of Benjamin s work as a cultural theorist I specially appreciated how she situated Benjamin in relation to his Jewish ness his Marxism his German ness his connection to Paris and his connection to the Frankfurt School Such a well written and interesting academic book Contextualizes Benjamin s Arcades project in his own vision the ideas that influenced him and finally in the modern post WW2 context My friend bought this for me for my birthday with an pigram Don t read this This book blew me out of the water Got me really Into Turn Of The Nineteenth turn of the nineteenth Paris Haussmann s reshaping of Paris and flaneurs which I later picked up in my art history classes This is a highly accessible xplanation of one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century Walter Benjamin s ssays are closely xamined in lig. The book to demonstrate that Benjamin took the debris of mass culture seriously as the source of philosophical truth The Paris Arcades that so fascinated Benjamin as they did the Surrealists whose materialist metaphysics he admired were the prototype the 19th century ur form of the modern shopping mall Benjamin's dialectics of seeing demonstrate how to read

These Consumer Dream Houses 
consumer dream houses so many other material objects of the time from air balloons to women's fashions from Baud. This is one of the most insightful philosophical commentaries around not merely xclusive to Benjamin commentaries I mean to say it is one of the most insightful commentaries period This book opened up Benjamin as well as dialectical reasoning and critical social theory to me in ways unanticipated Highly recommend An rudite beautifully written overview of Benjamin s work I recommend reading Benjamin s major ssays particularly Theses on the Philosophy of History The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and the Baudelaire ssays before starting this book It s not an asy read but anyone immersed in Benjamin won t be daunted by that seriously breathtaking scholarship a daunted by that Seriously breathtaking scholarship A and xciting introduction to what is one of the most obscure uniue and mysterious texts I ve ncountered Benjamin truly is unlike any other thinker There s a lot I didn t understand but what I did was fascinating Buck Morss does a great job Walter Benjamin's magnum opus was a book he did not live to write In The Dialectics of Seeing Susan Buck Morss offers an inventive reconstruction of the Passagen Werk or Arcades Project as it might have taken form Working with Benjamin's vast files of citations and commentary which contain a myriad of historical details from the dawn of consumer culture Buck Morss makes visible the conceptual structure that gives these fragments philosophical coherence She uses images throughout. .

characters The Dialectics of Seeing Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project

Ht of the work he toiled at for most of his career The Arcades Project Essentially the Arcades Project was an attempt to understand 19th century Arcades of Paris as allegory Buck Morss xplains Benjamin s use of allegory in light of the Trauerspeil inv A tour de force through one of the most puzzling books of the 20th century Readers who do NOT HAVE THE TIME NOR THE PATIENCE TO MEANDER have the time nor the patience to meander the ntirety of Benjamin s Arcades can feast on this one in good conscience There are so many good things about Susan Buck Morss that I hardly know where to start her defiantly almost Benjaminian oddly unacademic tone while simultaneously being inscrutably Learned in verything from Marxism to Kabbalah her continual stress on the interconnectedness of Benjamin s thought the odd bits and scrips she has dug up and placed throughout the book sometimes it reads like a picture book of sociology verything just works and that s rare and nough for me. Elaire's poetry to Grandville's cartoons as anticipations of social utopia and simultaneously as clues for a radical political critiue Buck Morss plots Benjamin's intellectual orientation on axes running ast and west north and south Moscow Paris Berlin "Naples and shows how such thinking in coordinates can xplain his understanding of dialectics at a standstill "and shows how such thinking in coordinates can xplain his understanding of dialectics at a standstill argues for the continuing relevance of Benjamin's insights but then allows a set of afterimages to have the last wo. The Dialectics of Seeing Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project