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PDF or EPUB The Lovely Bones Ç Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

Summary ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones has got to be the most baffling poorly written jaw droppingly bad book that I have ever set my eyes on It is truly a black black tragedy that the words in this book were placed in that particular order published and distributed How could this have ever possibly been popular Is it for the same God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace reason that the song My Humps hit number one I mean I don t technically believe in burning books but this noveleally got me thinking About burning itIf it serves any use at all it might be a perfect guide on how not to write a book Here are some of my gripes problems and issues that we can hopefully use to prevent something like this from ever happening again to us our children or our children s childrenIt is filled with some of the worst sentence level writing that I have ever encountered From bad description to horrible grammar to utterly confusing metaphors Sebold covered it all A tell #Tale Way To Spot A Weak Writer They T #way to spot weak writer They can t weirdly describing people s eyes Don t believe me Try this sentence Her eyes were like flint and flower petals Or this one The tears came like a small Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris relentless army approaching the front lines of her eyes She asked for coffee and toast in aestaurant and buttered it with her tears Really She buttered the coffee and toast with her tears Or this one this time about someone s heart Her heart like a The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education recipe waseduced What the hellAnd here s my favorite eye description in the book Her pupils dilated pulsing in and out like small ferocious olives That s The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry right Ferocious olives I veead MadLibs that make sense than thatIt seems to lack a plot You know that thing that books are supposed to have I ll never forget my first workshop with Brady Udall in which he threw my story onto the table and said This isn t a story Sarah it s a situation And as much as I despaired when I got home he was The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism right Sebold has the same problem her book is aeally long situation A girl dies and watches her family from heaven Okay That s nice But what do the characters want What drives the story forward Nothing The characters get older and keep bumping into each other Things change and things often do but there is no forward movement and certainly no building of suspenseSince there s no plot the ending is just a bunch of weird stuff happening I Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution read the last thirty pages on the train this morning and couldn t stop a few outbursts Oh no she didn t I d say talking to Alice Sebold and her crazy ways She is just plain bold when it comes to doing whatever she feels like and she feels like doing the weirdest stuff ever It s not that I don t want to write spoilers here it s that I can t even explain to you what happened at the end of the book And I bet she can t either I m not exaggeratingHer characters never have interesting or complex thoughts Not even the serial killer or the mother whose daughter was murdered It seems that Sebold s characters do one of two things they laugh which means they are happy or cry to butter their toast somehow when they are sad As you might guess there is a lot of laughing and crying in this book When a character is confused they laugh and cry at the same time This also happens oftenI feel a little better after venting But I m still deeply sad and angry I feel like my own writing might have been permanently damaged byeading this book like a couple of ferocious olives The greatest first 30 pages ever The worst A Kangaroo's Life restComparecontrast with The Shimmering Go Between I worked at Borders for than a year and I worked the boring assegisters usually at night whic was always slow I leaned there with my chin in my hand staring at the shelves actually wishing that I could help customers in their purchases It s purely insane but I think that s what happens anytime you place someone in any kind of confinement The thing is that if I wasn t a egister girl I would have constan. Susie Salmon tem o olhar vivo e irreuieto dos seus catorze anos Observa o desenrolar da vida os colegas da escola a família o lento passar dos meses e das estações Está tudo muito calmo tudo parece. T actual contact with the books themselves All lunacy #ASIDE ONE BOOK THAT I STARED AT THE ENTIRE #one book that I stared at the entire was this one cuz it was literally on the number one shelf in the front of the store for a good two years or so It sounded interesting and got good critical eviews despite its sucess with the bookish Oprah watching housewife types So I REALLY didn t wanna jump on the bandwagon and ead
it but at 
But at same time I would open it and try But I just didn t get into it Last week or so I was eading a friend s blog and she talked about eading the book and how it was so affecting that she found herself driving to work in complete tears From then On An Invisible Seed Had Been Planted an invisible seed had been planted went to the library the other day to pay my fines 275 Man and suddenly emembered the book I ead it in three nights Sebold s voice is entirely uniue Never seen it before ever I think that being allowed into the vision and point of view of another person is probably one of the awesomest feelings ever I think that s what it is to be in love actually Get in someone s skin sit in a ecliner in a little theatre located behind their eye sockets and just watch Not judge not worry not affect Just experience someone who is so not you Sebold allows this on two levels She sets you up in the front Murder in Gutenthal row seatight next to Susie the murdered and One of Our Thursdays Is Missing raped 14 year old while she watches her former world from Heaven But she also delivers this language that is new original totally fresh and yet entirely accessible At 3am In bed From a free city library borrowHer characters are completely amazing individuals but not unreal or impossible The way she wrote the book from Suzie s viewpoint was definitely some work on her part And she pulls it off What Ieally enjoyed is the way she would sneak in these little pieces of info I call them omg are you serious mystery info nuggets She would just be writing a scene and at an unsuspecting moment she d just add in a little sentence And ofcourse since the story On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski revolves around the grief of the family and the Susie s unsolved case their are moment of utter thrill as theeader joins the characters in their search for understanding motive and the killer himself The sentences feel like when you ve been looking for something non urgent for a while and it s not Lassie Come-Home really a big deal to find it now or later but when you do find it your like Man now I can do this and this and that cuz I finally found this thing that I ve been inactively searching for for a while So the nuggets definitely keep youeading and sometimes they even make you say omg out loud As always if you ead the first few pages and hate it then don t force the feeling Just cuz I thought it was a total modern classic don t mean anything if it eally ain t your thing Either way truly a great story even if your mom thinks so too Two dimensional stereotyped characters Mother living with the St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves regret of losing her independence to the demands of childrearing The tragic loss of a daughter accelerates her departure from those heavy burdens and into the arms of the detective working the case Father obsessed to the point that he neglects the living members of his family destroying hiselationship with his wife Only in her absence is he able to fall in love with her all over again Detective his sob story past wife committed suicide explains his devotion to make sense of senseless death by solving cases of murdered women This leads him into the arms of the latest victim s mother who incidentally eminds him of his dead wife eww Mrs Singh the exotic wise independent and strong foreigner who calmly dispenses cool sage like personal advice to near strangers George Harvey the odd but harmless neighbor otherwise know as the psychotic pedophilemurderer who builds dollhouses in his spare time ueue soundtrack with mangled version of a nursery hyme transposed to a minor ke. Muito acolhedor Um único pormenor desmente tanta placidez é ue de facto Susie já morreu Estranhamente o céu parece se muito com o ecreio da escola nem seuer faltam os baloiços A pouco e pouco Susi. ,

Y ungainly lobbed from a detuned piano Snippets from his mildly troubling childhood are Twilight of the Idols revealedexplaining nothing Grandma Lynn the often drunk but all knowing grandmother with a wacky liberal This book has single handedly shown me that I spend too much time skimming and not enough timeeally Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, reading and thinking about the books I have beeneading I have two kids and so I m busy and I often find myself Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter reading when I am stealing time or tired But that is not even an excuse for this book When iead the book I thought it was pretty good Not great but not bad I liked the concept and the fact that the girl was the narrator I like a murder mystery so I liked the suspense of waiting to see if the guy would get caught etc So when all was said and done and I finished the book I thought yeah okay Not bad but not great Then I went online here and Chinaberries and Crows read the othereviews particularly one by TheDane and I went HEY That s ight I mean the writing alone is something I should have picked up one had I eally been paying attention Pupils pulsing like olives Buttering toast with tears Umm I Blessed Are the Wicked really must have been distracted or skimming like crazy because that isidiculous And the eal meaning of the final scene went WAY over my head which I am somewhat ashamed to admit When I ead it I eally was like yeah yeah oh that s sweet she got one night with her boyfriend which she had been cheated of and all But when you slow down and eally think of this the enormity of that is overwhelming A young girl who dies after being RAPED A girl who s first sexual experience was RAPE by an older man A girl who actually barely knew this boy in her life This girl can only let go of life after having sex With that boy That she eally didn t know that well That alone is enough to send of some big alarms But then you add that she was allowed to go back to earth to have sex Not see her family not comfort her father and brother and sister Not point out the killer Nope heaven lets her go back then of all times not earlier when she wanted it or could have done both for justice and her family So the admission to heaven is teen sex Really The way to overcome deep grief and gain acceptance and peace is again teen sex Wow I missed out as a teen because that was NOT my experience Okay now louder warning bells should have been going off But the final issue she takes over the body of a friend Without the girl s knowledge or permission The friend who is a lesbian And Uses Her Body To Have Sex With A Boy uses her body to have sex with a boy taking over her body is a violation Taking over her body and using that time to have sex is another violation And to have sex with a boy knowing that is the antithesis of everything this friend would have wanted or agreed to is yet another violation What the hell And none of that gets brought up or mentioned No it is #a feel good ending yeah I mean I have some pretty close friends some I have known for at #feel good ending yeah I mean I have some pretty close friends some I have known for at triple the time these two girls have known each other and if I somehow managed to just steal their bodies and have sex with a woman Well it would be good for me that I was already dead That is a betrayal in the worst sense on so many levels it is shocking And what of the possible conseuences Pregnancy STDs Never mind the lesser conseuences of emotional damage damage to their friendship the trust issues etc etc etc After thinking about it and I was truly embarrassed to have not seen these dark and disturbing connotations made all the worse for the fact that the author serves this up as the feel good ending not noticing the irony at all of having the main character who was aped and violated in turn Reform, Red Scare, and Ruin rape and violate a friend while denouncing the first act as a heinous crime and lauding the second act as happy ending So in short I have learned my lesson and I am now making of an effort to trulyead and then think about what I am Grauwacht reading. E compreende ue é o centro das atenções os colegas comentam osus sobre o seu desaparecimento a família ainda acredita ue ela poderá ser encontrada o assassino tenta esconder as pistas do seu crim.

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