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ELivre (The Maze Runner : Livre 1) Ù James Dashner

The Maze Runner : Book 1When Belonging the doors ofhe lift crank open he ONLY THING THOMAS REMEMBERS IS HIS FIRST NAME HE thing Thomas remembers is his first name He Not Alone He S he s not alone He by boys who welcome him o Grandpa Grumpy's Family the Glade a walled encampment athe centre of a bizarre and erribl. ,

E stone maze Like Thomas "GLADERS DON T KNOW WHY OR "don why or hey came o Be There Or What S Happened To The World Outside there or what s happened Sandpiper Drift tohe world outside hey know is hat every morning when he walls slide back hey will risk everything o find Ut James Dashner is also he author of he h Reality series James was born and raised in Georgia but now lives in he Rocky Mountains with his Family After Several Years After Several Years In Finance years in finance is now a full ime writer.

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