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The Deed of Paksenarrion (Paksenarrion Series combo volumes Book 1) Kindle EditionHeris Serrano (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 1) Kindle EditionInto the Fire (Vatta's Peace Book 2) Kindle EditionRemnant Population: A Novel Kindle EditionVictory Conditions (Vatta's War Book 5) Kindle EditionCold Welcome (Vatta's Peace Book 1) Kindle EditionTrading in Danger (Vatta's War Book 1) Kindle EditionEngaging the Enemy (Vatta's War Book 3) Kindle EditionThe Serrano Connection (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 2) Kindle EditionCommand Decision (Vatta's War Book 4) Kindle EditionMarque and Reprisal (Vatta's War Book 2) Kindle EditionThe Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) Kindle Edition

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