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E–pub Télécharger Objective–C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) Auteur Aaron Hillegass, Mikey Ward

Low the text My routine is to read a chapter go through the chapter again entering the examples into my MacBook and then complete the end of chapter challenges On those rare occasions when I ve failed to rise to the challenges the forum on The Big Nerd Ranch #web site has proved enlightening and got me #site has proved enlightening and got me I recommend the book as a starter into Objective C for anyone with some modern programming experience I m not sure whether it is as suitable for the complete programming novice Coming from a Dev Background I Found background I found book to be a little bit geared towards learning object oriented programming in Objective C than learning Objective C My goal for this book was to get familiar with the syntax and language so I would have preferred meat especially in the iOS part I think it s a good starter book but if you re an experienced developer and are familiar with Object Oriented programming this may be a bit simplistic for you It s written very well and clear I moved through it very uickly which is nice Lots of examples clearly explaining the concepts they are trying to get across This is my first Big Nerd Ranch book and now that I m done with this and ready to move on to something iOS related I m definitely going Big Nerd Ranch for my to move on to something iOS related I m definitely going Big Nerd Ranch for my book I bought this based on all the great reviews I expected a GREAT book And since it was the 2nd revised edition any rough spots or areas that needed explanation from the 1st edition would be taken care of And since there s a BNR forum dedicated to this book by the book s publisher surely any errors found in the book would be documented there as well as anything that changed with the newer version of X codeBut I was pretty disappointed There are gaps where the book seems to assume you know something it never told you You log into the forum and there are other users ust as confused But there s no official answer from the publisher or the author to settle it Many of the examples have changed slightly with Xcode 6 I would have expected there to be a sticky errata in the forum updating that but there s not There are several knowledgeable forum members who provide a lot of help with most of the issues that arise but I expected something officialTo be fair this book has a really big goal to try to teach Objective C to people that don t even know C So I knew there would be areas where coverage would be light and I d need to supplement with other sources Stack Overflow wikis Apple s documentation etc But there are sections that seem to be less clear frustrating than they could have been. And other tools Programming basics variables loops functions etc Objects classes methods and messages Pointers addresses and memory management with ARC Properties and Key Value Coding KVC Class extensions Categories Classes from the Foundation framework Blocks Delegation target action and notification design patterns Key Value Observing KVO Runtime basic. .

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1 Why says it teach you in obj C and half of it is poor C guide 2 Why all those poor readers and not Acrobat Just to have difficulty searching text While a reasonably experienced programmer various Assembly Language instruction sets a bit of perl C etc I have very little working knowledge of Class based languagesI am looking to branch into Mac programming so was looking for a #Book That Demonstrated The Syntax #that demonstrated the syntax usage of Objective C without assuming the reader was a complete novice to programmingYes you do need a working knowledge of programming to get the best of the contents but the book is nicely structured new topics are introduced by building on the previous topics and examples The examples in the book are nice and short so you feel inclined to type them in rather than downloading the code from a web siteIn short a excellent book that complements their Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X book I bought this book before starting their iOS book I already knew Java beforehand but had never used Objective C or CC Perhaps because the syntax is so similar to Java I found this book a bit simple It assumes NO knowledge of programming or OO at all It will take you through Strings Arrays etcHaving said that if you want to start programming for phones have no experience of programming at all Strings Arrays etcHaving said that if you want to start programming for phones have no experience of programming at all book or a similar book for Java if you want to make Android apps would be an excellent starting point It is clearly written explains everything well and covers all the stuff you ll need to start making simple tools Note that you do not make many only 1 actual iPhone app and a very simple one to boot that is a topic for the next book in the series iOS programming So what do you do make command line tools that print stuff to the console WAKE UP yes it sounds boring but it s where all programmers start and you can plough through this book in a week or two and get onto making real apps Think of it as a painful ordeal all wannabe programmers have to complete On the plus side you won t ever have to go this basic again even for new languages unless you re me and buy this book by mistakeSo ONLY buy this book if you re looking to get into programming from scratch If you know some other OO language it is not necessary New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood just complete a basic online tutorial for objective c and go straight to the excellent iOS Big Nerd Ranch book which assumes very very little knowledge of objective cust a bit of syntax what OO is I have purchased and studied several other Objective C books and this one by Aaron Hillegass and Mikey Ward is the best by far. Want to write iOS apps or desktop Mac applications This introduction to programming and the Objective C language is your first step on the ourney from someone who uses apps to someone who writes them Based on Big Nerd Ranchs popular Objective C Bootcamp Objective C Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide covers C Objective C and the common programming idio. Here s my thoughts1 Comprehensive dives into and explains many nooks and crannies not only in Obj C but also iOS and crannies not only in Obj C but also iOS and X2 Very well written step by step but with plenty of excellent information about why the code or concept works the way it does3 The chapters are organized well and short and sweet providing a bite size approach to tacking this huge and daunting at organized well and short and sweet providing a bite size approach to tacking this huge and daunting at challenge of learning It s doable to go through one chapter a day building knowledge insight and confidence4 The chapters have very good challenge exercises you should do all of them Don t undermine your learning by skipping them5 Last BNR provides very helpful on line resources discussion forum errata and otherNow a couple of weeks ago Apple announced Swift and for a while I wondered if anyone such as me would ever want to know or continue studying Objective C I believe a deep knowledge and comprehension of Objective C will remain important for at least a couple of years1 Swift works hand in hand with Obj C and while it s different there are powerful ways to leverage Obj C frameworks Since Swift is so new I imagine that we ll be using Obj C frameworks for uite a while as needed2 Learning the vocabulary of object oriented programming particularly as Apple uses it is very important of course and while Swift is different many Swift concept descriptions have references to Obj C to increase understanding3 Obj C programs will be around for years and so if you want to work in Apple Land well they ll be there waiting for maintenance and enhancementSo long story short
this is an 
is an and useful book Highly recommended Great book and very easy to follow I did Java several years ago and wanted to get back into programming As I work through the book I start to remember bits from Java obviously not the same but they do have similarities The only issue is a few black lines running down the middle of a few pages between chapters 5 7 but I am sure it was a mis print and it doesn t block out any words ust a bit difficult to read Other than than can t complain Happy Enjoying learning again As an experienced programmer in a variety of languages I decided to investigate Objective C so that I could produce software for my new MacBook Having tried a Web based tutorial and lost the plot I chose this book and although I ve not yet reached the end of it I m delighted with it Objective C is definitely not for the faint hearted but the book is carrying me along nicely The end of chapter challenges are particularly useful and I commend them to anyone trying to fol. Ms that enable developers to make the most of Apple technologies Compatible with Xcode 5 iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks 109 this guide features short chapters and an engaging style to keep you motivated and moving forward At the same time it encourages you to think critically as a programmer Here are some of the topics covered Using Xcode Apples documentation.
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Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides)

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