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[The Bartered Brides (Elemental Masters Livre 13)] Ebook / KINDLE

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An excellent mix of a Sherlock Holmes Tale and Magic Exiting who done it good plot deep characters and character development Read it Read up to chapter 6 and decided I was wasting an afternoon Skipped to last two chapters just to see the ends tied up but they were not much better Very sorry as I have all M L s books and enjoyed them This latest Elemental Masters book continues her use of Sherlock Holmes and the Watsons as major characters along with telepath Nan Killian and medium Sarah Lyon White There are short chapters in which the seduction marriage and murder of young women are described for the most part the young women are orphans whose fate no one is particularly interested in like many others in London of the 1890s The opening chapter uickly fixes the time of the book as immediately following the classic battle between Holmes and Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls From Doyle s stories we now that Holmes survived that fight but did Moriarty do so as well There seems to be some evidence that an elemental master of some sort had become a senior member of his gang and is behind the succession of dead girls Not one of my favorites in the series but enjoyable enough I have loved Ms Lackey s treatment of familiar and not so familiar fairy tales since her first Elemental Masters book However I find myself weary of the characters Nan and Sarah unhappy with continued usage Elemental Masters book However I find myself weary of the characters Nan and Sarah unhappy with continued usage Sherlock Holmes and Watson and really missing the continuous thread of the original fairy tale that is utterly lacking in the last two books I am guessing that this installment is giving a nod to the legend of Bluebeard but if so the heroinevictims of the tale are incidental rather than central to the plot C mon Misty back to Edwardian England WW1 and the struggle for suffrage Mercedes Lackey did it again She brings back much beloved characters in a fantastic nail biting story A must to read for the Elemental Masters Lovers I Masters lovers I love this series but this book was a bit of a disappointment it felt a bit leaden in the storyline the idea was a good one but it seemed to miss out on something will re read to see if it gets better I am looking forwar. The thirteenth novel in the magical alternate history Elemental Masters series continues the reimagined adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a richly detailed alternate Victorian EnglandThe threat of Moriarty is gonebut so is Sherlock Holmes Even as they mourn the loss of their colleague psychic Nan Killian medium Sarah Lyon White and Elementa. ,
The Bartered Brides (Elemental Masters Book 13)Ut I found myself not as invested in the main characters as I could have been Both women gain new skills and mastery over their abilities but that is the extent of the character development for themThings I did thoroughly enjoy about this book include the expansion of the magical system Lackey has created I spotted some influence from previous projects here and it works very well There is also some subtle but amazing representation featuring one of the secondary characters that I literally cheered for during the final reveal I also appreciate how Nan Sara and the Watsons employ era appropriate non magical crime solving skills to search out the identity and motives of the villainSpeaking of the bad guy however we spent way too much time with him spent way too much time with him s not a sympathetic character and while all of the information and his experience were useful to the tale I found those sections dragging My final critiue is the noticeable consistency issues surrounding some of the secondary characters that a thorough edit might have caughtWorth reading for fans of the series but not a good place to jump into the middle I hope the next Elemental Masters installment takes a break from Sherlock Holmes London and gives me another uniue fairy tale to sink my teeth into Sigh I ve been a Mercedes Lackey fan since the Arrows books Most of her mind Candy Stories Are Entertaining stories are entertaining have relatable characters who drive the plot line toward In this installment however everything falls rather flat The plot line is boring and repetitive She uses forced hey this character who I ve used in multiple previous installments suddenly had a brand new magical ability to sort of make it work Characters whom I am desperately hoping Lackey will retire seriously Sarah and Nan need to go plod slowly Their birds are useful than they areNormally with this author I can speed read my way through in an afternoon and feel as though I ve just had an enjoyable time in another land or century This time I couldn t stop putting it down Literally found myself yawning and thinking about doing the dishes because I would get amusement out of a clean Arabian Challenge kitchen than reading this Disappointed. Ery only deepens The bodies emerge the the gang suspects that there is dangerous magic at work and that Moriartys associates are somehow involved But as they race against the clock to uncover theiller it will take all their talents Magic and Psychic Powersand perhaps some help from a dearly departed friendto bring the murderer to justice. D to another tale of the Elemental Masters though as all the other books have been great i was sorely disappointed with this installment of the Elemental Masters series The girls and their birds are getting to be old hat They are tiresome What I would really like to see in this otherwise excellent series is a seuel to The Fire Bird I jump to buy any new Lackey release But this entry to the world to The Fire Bird I jump to buy any new Lackey release But this entry to the world the Elemental Masters lost release But this entry to the world the Elemental Masters lost early on The first books were wonderful uniue and thought provoking This volume struggles so to fit the Arthur Conan Doyle model that it took multiple attempts to finish reading itThe best of Lackey is found in her ability to weave heart and hope into facing challenges and mysteries This is the first volume without heart or hope or wit I found no humor to hold me and a lack of growth for the charactersWhen it came time to rate the book I felt 3 stars too generous and 2 stars ungracious to bulk of the body of work 99% of the books Lackey has published are amazing Please don t let this volume steer you away from an amazing author This book however needs a complete rewrite before it could be considered as running into the Lackey canonPlease Misty let go of Holmes and get back to what you do best Be You My reading pleasure Ah what a delight it always is to read the newest installment of the Elemental Masters series from Mercedes LackeyThe book jacket proclaims that this is the book in which Sherlock Holmes Professor Moriarty have gone over Reichenbach Falls to their deathsSo this is the book where the game is surely afoot but John Mary Watson Sarah and Nan and Lord Alderscroft are on their own trying to hunt down stop a serial iller while mourning their dear friend and colleague Sherlock HolmesIt will take all of their magical and psychic witspowers if they are to pull this off and stop this murderer before he ills againHighly recommended as a most enjoyable read to all alternate history urban fantasy Elementary Masters fans I m not going to lie I significantly prefer the fairy tale retellings in this fantasy series to the Sherlock Holmes pastiches featuring Nan and Sara I didn t dislike this book L Masters John and Mary Watson must be vigilant for members of Moriartys network are still at large And their troubles are far from over in a matter of weeks two headless bodies of young brides wash up in major waterways A couple who fears for their own recently wedded daughter hires the group to investigate but with each new body the myst.