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Historical novels is one of my favorite genres so I tend to read lots of them Sadly the sorry conseuence of doing genres so I tend to read lots of them Sadly the sorry conseuence of doing is in whatever genre really that the books you read the less freuently you tend to stumble on truly worthwhile ones books you are likely never to forget Some are not good at all lots are OK and only some stand out I m glad to say that to me clearly belongs in the last category Everything fits together beautifully in this novelFirst of all there s the period it s all a matter of opinion off course but I ve always been interested in this turbulent era in European history between roughly 1500 and 1540 when Europe was practically in constant upheaval Charles V and Henry VIII ruled and people like Luther and Calvin set in motion events that resonate until present times Luther Blissett magnificently sketches this period and which is a welcome change from most other novels which concentrate on the upper classes does so from the viewpoint of the poor and dispossessed peasants smugglers beggars outlaws Further ranges geographically across most of the European continent our protagonist not only roams the Holy Roman Empire but finds himself in Antwerp Amsterdam Venice Florence and so on and so forthSecondly there s an huge range of characters many of them historical all of them beautifully depicted Although this at times necessitates taking notes just to eep track of who s who it adds wonderfully to this feeling of the huge scope taken in by the novel I found the protagonist a very likeable character siding with the downtrodden and miserable people of that day and age but never a real fanatic as unfortunately some of the reformers were He repeate. With Europe convulsed in wars over religion a young theology student finds himself siding with heretics and the dis. E individuals in histroical u turnsIf you want a book that will get you out from the world when you read it will definetely do itI first read this book six or seven years ago in Polish and now I can t wait to read it againSo if you like good thrillers this book is definetely a better choice to read it againSo if you like good thrillers this book is definetely a better choice many positions available nowadays Very good Nearly didn t persevere with it when it went through a phase of appearing to be my old A Level History syllabus turned into a novel Only a few LOLs at anachronisms not sure swimming pools were a thing in early 16C Germany and it was good to catch up with old friends like it was Good To Catch Up With Old Friends to catch up with old friends and old enemies like Carafa If you like social interpretations of history then you ll enjoy this Fantastic just fantastic One of the best books I ve ever read and I must have read way over a thousand by now I learned a lot of history while being entertained by a great plot and engaging well written characters There are a number of different writers and I thought that might disjoint it somewhat but while you can sometimes discern stylistic changes it doesn t distract from the overall result A hugely ambitious effort that hits the mark Ho sbagliato io ad ordinarlo non mi sono accorta che il testo era in inglese pere cui ho dovuto restituirlo Why don t we learn this in school One thing a that came home to me reading this was how poor the teaching of the reformation is or at least was all I learnt was about was Henry VIII The Name of the Rose the opening sections can be hard going You need to pay attention to the dates at the top of the chapters other wise you will get totally confusedStick with it though and your efforts will be well rewarded. Ith in a meticulously rendered historical thriller set against the backdrop of the Reformation 50000 first printing. Dly finds himself escaping battles sieges and enemy attacks by The Skin Of His Teeth And Therefore During The Course skin of his teeth and therefore during the course the novel changes names and identities several times which in the end makes him a sort of anonymous Everyman Then there s the plot throughout the novel the protagonist is engaged in an ongoing battle with the mysterious the ultimate Catholic spy who on the behest of his master Cardinal Carafa the later Pope Paul IV a dogmatic Roman catholic if ever there was one infiltrates one reformation group after the other with no other purpose in mind than betraying them It isn t until the very end of the book that the protagonist and face one another but the constant deadly play of strikes and counter strikes between the two greatly heightens the tension and even if you aren t in the least interested in the religious issues at stake is also a very good historical thriller detectiveLast but not least without ever explicitly referring to later times I found this book an astounding reminder of how little actually has changed between then and now they may belong to other religions but fanatics are as active and dangerous today as they were but fanatics are as active and dangerous today as they were and though the Roman Catholics are the bad guys in this novel the message is clearly brought home that fanaticism on the behalf of whatever religion or cause ultimately always ends with havoc being wreaked on the defenseless poor and innocentA truly magnificent and very moving book warmly recommended This is a must read for all those who are up to books with hitory philosphy and sociology context Obviously adventures of characters are pure fiction but still give ourselves nice subject to think on role of th. Enfranchised while confronting an agent of the Vatican who is determined to hunt down and destroy enemies of the fa. ,

Q by Luther Blissett