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Pdf [Megalodon: Fact or Fiction? (Creature Scene Investigation)] ´ Rick Emmer

Megalodon: Fact or Fiction? (Creature Scene Investigation)Of all the creatures that roam or may roam the seas the kraken is the most legendary Images of monstrously large multi tentacled Monsters Rising From The Sea rising from the sea ngulf hapless ships in a death grip have Enlivened B Movies For Years I Paid B movies for years I paid bucks for this It s nothing like I xpected I have not finished it but feel for that price I should have had the shark come out to greet me I liked Megalodon Fact or Fiction a lot It s part of the author s six volume Creature Scene Investigation series that analyzes the vidence for cryptids in a scientific manner It is also one of the very few books solely focused on Megalodon Potential readers should be aware however that the Creature Scene Investigation series is aimed at teenagers Thus Megalodon Fact or Fiction is a relatively short book and includes a lot of basic information that many teenagers would not know but most older readers would The series was also produced for the library market not the general reader market As a result few copies were made and most have since been lost discarded sold off at library book sales tc It is now hard to findThe book starts with an overview of cryptid animals It then introduces Megalodon and goes on to describe and analyze five possible Megaldon sightings It then moves a description Megalodon s ancient world and introduces several other recently discovered deep sea creatures the Coelacanth and the megamouth shark The book concludes with the author s assessmen. People swimming and surfing along warm oceanfront beaches can rest asy because the Megalodon the gigantic cousin of the great white shark is xtinctor is it Follow The Fossil Trail As fossil trail as ,

As a marine biologist I personally know a very large number of professional fishermen and watermen In social settings they do love to tell stories But And this is a big but I have never known a single professional fisherman who when talking on the record to a scientist or researcher would purposely lie about something they had seen on the water They simply wouldn t do it The sea means too much to them to make up things about it when they knew they are going on the record Plus they would already be really self conscious about talking to a smart person about something that will raise yebrows Also all of the professional fishermen I know are psychotically brave Nothing on or around the water scares them They will work in any condition at any time The fact that a group of fishermen was too afraid to go to their normal too afraid to go to their normal grounds speaks volumes It would take something REALLY strange or Dangerous To Spook Them So Much Finally It Is Highly to spook them so much Finally it is highly that fishermen would create such a wild story to xplain why they had lost some gear Fishermen lose gear all the time It s part of the job They would not be in the least bit worried about losing a few lobster pots Given all that I have to conclude that the lobstermen in Case 1 were telling the truth They ncountered something they thought was a massive white colored shark It probably wasn t Megalodon But it could asily have been another undescribed and unknown species of very large deep water shark. T or Fiction readers will be swept along with this investigative journey as cryptozoologists try to determine whether this terror of the deep still lingers in the hidden depths of the ocea. T of whether he thinks Megalodon is still living in the ocean If you can find a copy Megalodon Fact or Fiction is well worth a read As a teen book though IT BY NO MEANS THE is by no means the all nd all book about Megalodon also see below you like it I d also recommend checking out the other books in the Creature Scene Investigation series The ones on the Kraken and the Mokele mbembe are particularly interestingAll that said there was one issue with Megalodon Fact or Fiction that bothered me the author s willingness to discount some The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis eyewitness testimony Admittedlyyewitnesses testimony is notoriously unreliable However in at least one case the author discounts the yewitnesses out of hand and instead concocts a completely speculative account of what actually happened The issue deals with the incident designated as Case 1 The Lobsermen s Tale In brief in 1918 some Australian lobstermen ncountered a huge white colored shark at least 100 foot long that ate some of their lobster pots ach pot being about 35 feet long The lobstermen were so freaked out by the sighting they refused to go back to their fishing grounds for several days So was this Megalodon The author rightfully points out that it probably wasn t the coloration was wrong and the reported size was too large Instead he decides without vidence that the lobstermen were most likely making up the story to Just Cause explain why they had lost some lobster potsHere s the problem I have with thisxplanation. Entists are able to determine what this monstrous shark looked like what it ate and ven how it hunted its prey from as little vidence as a single hand sized fossil tooth In Megalodon Fac. ,

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