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[Pdf Download] (Jackie as Editor: The Literary Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) AUTHOR Greg Lawrence

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Jackie as Editor: The Literary Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

characters î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Greg Lawrence

Ly a myth maker but I admire her smarts and pluck and this book gives A Peek At Those Sides peek at those sides her A gift for a millennial who wants to learn about Jackie Kennedy Onassis publishing editing career She was Mrs Kennedy for a decade a Presidential widow for 5 years and the wife of a Greek millionaire for 7 That accounts for just over 20 of her 64 years and yet those are the areas most biographers concentrate onFinally a serious affectionate and inspiring view of 15 years she spent as a book editor This is the life she built by herself for herself after living her life and realizing her ambitions through men She brought everything that had come before her jetset celebrity her role as the First Lady who restored the White House her times as a young woman living in Paris to her career in publishing Here we see her learning the industry everything from office politics to working the xerox machine nurturing her authors and championing the projects that spoke to her Perhaps because she had received so much attention in other areas of her life she concentrated on the work than on receiving credit Therefore she had a hand in books than most of s realize and you may be surprised to find some of those titles on your shelf right nowDon t assume that just because this book is a classy account of her literary life that it s dry and boring Many anecdotes give s an idea of the woman herself she loved burgers for lunch and really did speak in that breathy little girl voice and include juicy glimpses at other celebrities from Sinatra to Mayor Daley to Carly Simon to Michael Jackson I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mrs Kennedy as an editor I
came away with 
away with admiration for her as a scholar and editor She sed her connections for publishing opportunities but not for self importance or to impress The myriad of examples make clear to the reader her talents as an editor and strong personal character Her integrity and contributions to this country as first lady and beyond are admirable Two books were published almost simultaneously on the same subject Jacueline Kennedy Onassis as editor I chose to read the one by Greg Lawrence because I enjoyed the two memoirs he co wrote with his life partner of the time ballet dancer Gelsey Kirkland books which incidentally Onasssis edited BothDancing time ballet dancer Gelsey Kirkland books which incidentally Onasssis edited BothDancing My Grave a vivid be. At the age of forty six one of the most famous women in the world went to work for the first time in twenty two years Greg Lawrence who had three of his books edited by Jackie draws from interviews with than of her former collaborators and acuaintances in the publishing world to examine one of the twentieth centurys most enduring subjects of fascination through a new angle her previously ntouted skill in the career she chose Over the last third of her life Jackie would master a new industry weather a very public. .
Great book wonderful background story of her working life She was a very intelligent woman who knew how to help others in their pursuit of excellence This detailed work serves as a solid addition to my Jackie library and also provides guidance on what books she edited that would be of interest I enjoyed the fact this book reveals a little known view of Jackie Kennedy Onassis She is one of my most admired women and "it was nice to see this well educated and refined woman "was nice to see this well educated and refined woman as a hard working and intelligent contributor to the world of books Nicely done I thought I had read Every Line Ever Published About Jackie Until line ever published about Jackie ntil read this bookShe really did have many good years after her terrible tragedies with the Kennedys and OnassisI loved reading about how well she coped and succeeded in her chosen field of literature Jackie as Editor highlights just how darn smart Jacueline Kennedy Onassis was and how she brought that intelligence and limitless curiosity to the publishing world I won t give all the details here as I dislike reviews that do that I ll just say I dislike reviews that do that I ll just say her authors held her in the highest esteem and reading of their experiences with her as their editor illuminates what a funny kind educated determined and passionate human being Jackie was Add to her many legacies dozens and dozens of wonderful books Sadly many of them are now out of print but there are some still available Those that aren t may be found in second hand book shops or on e bay I now have an even greater list of books to read Thank you Jackie There was no one ite like you and there hasn t been since you left s I am in publishing but I d not intended to read this as I figured it would be Jackie life retread the fiftieth It s actually A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uite interesting she did actually work in publishing learning a great deal as she progressed and being able to lure hard to get authors and books onnusual topics So it beame interesting to me though to a reader who is not familiar with the industry it might be disappointing It is not a personal book though the author makes rather too clear his affection for Ms Kennedy Onassis I enjoyed a different look at Jackie Skipped over some of it though as it was so detailed Just as described and shipped immediately Well written And of course I m a Jackie fan like the author She was definite. An absorbing chronicle of a much overlooked chapter in Jacueline Kennedy Onassiss lifeher nineteen year editorial career History remembers Jacueline Kennedy Onassis as the consummate first lady the nations tragic widow the millionaires wife and of course the intessential embodiment of elegance Her biographers however skip over an eually important stage in her life her nearly twenty year long career as a book editor Jackie as Editor is the first book to focus exclusively on this remarkable womans editorial career. ,
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Hind the scenes portait of Kirkland s rise fall and recovery as a drug addicted dancer working nder extreme pressure andShape of Love An Intimate Look At Kirkland intimate look at Kirkland preparation for TWO PLUM BALLET ROLES JULIET IN plum ballet roles Juliet in AND JULIET and Princess Aurora in SLEEPING BEAUTY demonstrate the authors love of beauty and high art and a deep compassion for Princess Aurora in SLEEPING BEAUTY demonstrate the authors love of beauty and high art and a deep compassion for caught Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up in the cruel realities of celebrity culture Based on my appreciation for those two earlier books I felt Lawrence s book would be intimate informative and insightful without trying to read too much into Onassis s choices about which books to shepherd through the publishing process a complaint some reviewers made aboutReading Jackie Her Autobiography in Books the other book recently published on Onassis s publishing careerLawrence s book livedp to my expectations He interviewed a wide range of people who worked closely with Onassis ghost writers and co editors as well as the many authors artists and photographers she helped to publish It continues to fascintate me how given her history Onassis managed to have a reasonably normal life Lawrence depicts her as having an earthy sense of humor and being a tireless worker not above getting on the floor to rearrange photographs she was considering including in a book She was also very much a political animal a trait that helped her to rescue a number of projects that her publishers were ready to jettison And it s fascinating to see how she was able to work Lay My Burden Down uite closely with staff while preserving her privacy Her love of books art photography travel cultures and people was both broad and deep While the anecdotes shared are not particularly juicy by modern reality TV standards Lawrence s interviewees share details that reveal just how much the people in Onassis s life valued and respected her Onassis did not like to be acknowledged in prefaces to the books she edited and only rarely would she contribute a foreword But she was a great writer of thank you notes snippets of which Lawrence includes in this book While Jacueline Kennedy Onassis will likely always remain a mystery to most ofs Lawrence does a lot to demonstrate that she lived her life fully in real time and to a considerable degree on her own terms Lawrence has created a moving and credible intimate portrait of a twentieth century icon. Professional scandal and shepherd than a hundred books through the increasingly corporate halls of Viking and Doubleday publishing authors as diverse as Diana Vreeland Louis Auchincloss George Plimpton Bill Moyers Dorothy West Naguib Mahfouz and even Michael Jackson Jackie as Editor gives intimate new insights into the life of a complex and enigmatic woman who found fulfillment through her creative career during book publishings legendary Golden Age and away from the public eye Vérité (Love at Center Court, uietly defined life on her own terms.