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Thomas Paine's Rights of Man (Books That Changed the World) Kindle EditionGod Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything Kindle EditionThe Four Horsemen: The Conversation That Sparked an Atheist Revolution Kindle EditionThomas Jefferson: Author of America (Eminent Lives) Kindle EditionThe Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever Kindle EditionWhy Orwell Matters Kindle EditionMortality Kindle EditionThe Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice Kindle EditionHitch-22: A Memoir Kindle EditionLetters to a Young Contrarian (Art of Mentoring) Kindle EditionThe Quotable Hitchens: From Alcohol to Zionism -- The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens Kindle EditionNo One Left to Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton Kindle Edition

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James Still uA concise argument from a wonderful writer imo religion is the most horrific idea ever foistedpon humanity a real and dangerous horror show Nothing really new in this book nothing that hasn t been discussed before but the presentation and arguments are well worth a read All good This is a masterpiece Along with The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and The End of Faith by Sam Harris this excellent work by the late Christopher Hitchens is one leg of the milking stool of my atheism It is provocative insightful and beautifully written in fluid and articulate prose Even if you re a believer I encourage you to read this book It s not purely a polemic against religion rather it raises estions that every theist should consider and be able to answer Raised Catholic attending schools run by nuns church youth group ntil I was in my very late teens meant I never Native Son uestioned my faithntil around 9 years ago I am now 39yrs oldThis book has opened my mind The author is right in much of what he says in this book Religion for a very long time has become a charter for war and human suffering The White Paternoster, And Other Stories unfortunately its disciples are now deadly and some even incredibly deludedThe majority of the book was not new to me but I loved the injected wit and I actually found some of the arguements actually entertainingRegardless of your religious beliefs if you have an open mind and enjoy reading well written fact based relevant nonfiction then I would say that you will enjoy reading this bookThe deeply religious amoungs may find certain parts of the book Laid upsetting as fundamental beliefs are challenged with factual cited information This book has received extravagant praise from manyarters and comment of the opposite kind from others It stands to reason I suppose that a pugnacious atheistic tract will divide opinion in just such a way What does not stand to reason is the veracity or probability of even the most revered scriptures and that much seems to be true of all religions One obvious instance springs to mind the Agony in the Garden as recounted in St Matthew The first and most obvious absurdity is that the supposed witnesses to these events were all asleep However there is to it than that and in his splendid The Evolution of the Gospel Enoch Powell yes that Enoch Powell finds the whole tale to be transparent fiction without even relying on that particular detailBack to what stands to reason then What surely stands to reason is that religious faith does not take its stand on reason Nor is that any matter of fine shades of interpretation Beliefs that men and women will kill or die for are self commending Indeed so strong is their persuasive power in some The World Rushed in uarters that they can be reuired as a matter of religious law Hitchens text does not delve deeply into theestion What is this thing called faith anyhow To me for one the truth seems to be that only our actions can be subject to someone s commands or even to our own decisions and holding a belief is not an action it is a state of affairs like having a headacheContinuing our lesson in truisms people who think thoughts like these had better be careful how when where and in whose presence they give expression to them Hitchens presents this matter vividly calling on such mighty figures as David Hume in his support Hume ca ed canny and did not provoke dangerous reactions So why did he need to What is it about religious doctrines that they exert such control Ordinary reason subverts them and I wonder what exercises there are in the application of thought via Housman style textual criticism of the texts that Essential Business Networking underlie them Not I suppose that such instances as the miracles that abound reuire any Housman to refute them Any one ofs can do that provided we want toOne very deep and thoughtful book that may be found of help in this connection is one that I was surprised not to find cited by Hitchens The book is In the Shadow of Mount Sinai and it is by Peter Sloterdijk As the title suggests Sloterdijk restricts himself to the Abrahamic religions So does Hitchens for the most part although he determinedly expands into Asiatic religions for a shortish stretch of the book What Sloterdijk studies is the need for authority either personal leadership or abstract authority often focused on some idol or other that cultures and nations experienced in their cultural development Naturally this was no matter of the likes of Hume Dawkins or any of those it was a matter of an nderlying need I have no learning or expertise in such matters but at a superficial helicopter level this makes sense to me in attempting to account for the religious focus on the irrational and the power it exertsSo what does one suppose Hitchens is for the religious focus on the irrational and the power it exertsSo what does one suppose Hitchens is to achieve with this book He is a brilliant journalist and a brilliant writer and his book is a pleasure to read at least when the reader is receptive to the author s cast of mind and personal values I had the impression that he saw himself as a SOLDIER OF RATIONALITY FIGHTING THE GOOD of rationality fighting the good for reason against what he perceives as superstition indeed often as plain old nonsense He recognises that the fight has been going on for a while and he cites Lucretius in the first century BC I had never before thought of Lucretius as witty but our author here is no doubt perceptive than I am One phrase often sed by Lucretius is patrii sermonis egestas the poverty of my native language to complain about how difficult the doctrines of Epicurus were to represent in Latin For the student that Knights of the Hill Country usually flagged a warning that we were in for a hard bit too More accessible and closer to our own era is Arthur C Clarke s short but awesome novel Childhood s End In this mighty story one aspect of the Overlordstopia #is that they gave humanity extensive glimpses of humanity s own history that humanity s own resources had denied them And #that they gave humanity extensive glimpses of humanity s own history that humanity s own resources had denied them And this A House Built out of Stone unfolded Clarke remarks laconically that religions which had bolstered mankind for centuries now dissolved in the face of proper knowledge Hitchens was no Karellen but he makes a worthy and strenuous effort of his own to helps Alma Mater understand This book provides excellent insight into the fallaciespon which religions primarily those monotheistic Abrahamic ones although others are covered as well I knocked off a star not for the content and al. In the tradition of Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not a Christian and Sam Harris' recent best seller The End of Faith Christopher Hitchens makes the ltimate case against religion With a close and erudite readin. ,
Ity of logical reasoning but for the convoluted writing style that freuently caused me to have to read a complex paragraph to correctly parse the intentThe primary gist of the book is that people are indoctrinated from birth into belief systems before they are capable of reasoning for themselves and taught that they must be faithful to whatever the belief system is and reject anything seen or heard that contradicts their belief or dogma to do otherwise is to admit that their belief is wrong and or No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns, unfounded Wonderful perspective So many arguments that I have explored over many years and yet was afraid to state Christopher s perspective comes as a great relief that my own thinking is notnreasonable The discussion is not so much about gods but rather about religions or churches and how through crass stupidity and self interest they are destructively hypocritical and get away with it As Bill Burr suggested one brushes off paedophilia like it was as Thin Blue Smoke unimportant as dandruff on should I really enjoyed this book Mr Hitchens writes in a superbly elouent way and structures his arguments around his wordplay something I haven t seen done before I also really struggled with this book It attacks something that I don t feel has any connection to the belief system I adhere toHence the 3 sInderstand that religion has been sed to do a lot of harm and wrong But I am also fully aware that the issue doesn t stop at religion it goes deeper than that into the hearts and minds of the people who se religion to share the toxic ideas and beliefs that they holdReligion can be Restoration used As can politics science education and poverty We canse the tools at our disposal to impact and elevate our ideas and the things we believe holds the most value For good as well as for bad We can all do this within our own lives we do it every dayTrying to push all religious beliefs into the same box gaffer taping it The Vanished (Roswell High, up and labelling it as poisonndermines the whole of society I 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk understand that some religious teachings and scriptures have moralestions that we SHOULD be talking about today so let s talkWhether Mr Hitchens wants to admit it or not we live in a society in the West at least that has formed from a religious belief structure Religious ideas led to the enlightenment and to science holding the position within society that it does today We need to recognise that thi I have this as both book and audio book The first observation is that this book is a reflection on the nature of human beings or mammals as Hitch likes to describe s and our titular religious leaders For those people who believe in God this book is not an attack on whether God exists or not but on the origin ethics and practice of religion per se As such it an essential read to both believer and non believer as Hitch examines how religions and religious leaders function or rather don t function when examined from the perspective of a calm rational mind Although a renowned polemicist Hitchens is never patronising nor does he fall into the trap sed by so many theologians or self professed experts like Dawkins of preaching to his audience Freuently humorous he dissects the subject with rapier like logic and succeeds in making the reader think if God does exist would he approve of the way religions are founded organised and who speaks in his supposed name my The Four Faces of God uotes not his The message isite clear tho If you believe in God that s fine If you don t believe that s fine too However religion as a methodology is redundant We should se the time dedicated to religion to instead concentrate on working toward a new enlightenment An example of him pricking nthinking orthodoxy is highlighted by the anecdote of a US State Govenor who when asked if the State should have a spanish edition of the Bible replied If English was good enough for Jesus its good enough for them He also directed a barb at Richard Dawkins pretentious and patronising suggestion that atheists should be renamed as The Brights Whatever else your view of religion is this book WILL have you thinking long after the last page is turned And I m sure that s exactly what Hitch intended In God is not Great Christopher Hitchens A Faithful Church Member undertook annrelenting attack on religion From the opening page he showed his approach with the example of the otherwise apparently admirable Christian lady Mrs Jean Watts who played a pleasant part in Hitchens childhood Nude Women Photography (Sexy Photo Book) UNCENSORED until she over stepped the mark and suggested that God made vegetation green so it would be easier on the human eyeWhat is remarkable about this example is that it tellss about Hitchens than Watts She is abusively labelled an old trout out of nowhere simply because of one relatively innocuous statement probably made Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology uite lightly yet treated as if it was a full papal edict and myopically scrutinized minutelySuddenly all the admirablealities of this lady are forgotten and she is defined purely on one Comment That Is Interpreted By that is interpreted by as he wishes in order to justify his categorization of her This sets the pattern for the rest of the book with the notable exception that while Jean Watts at least gets an initial word or two in her favour that veneer of balance and fairness is dropped and seldom if ever resurfaces in the entire bookHis predictable treatment of the blood and gore soaked bible is another example of this biased approach Regardless of what you think of the bible there is a huge amount of good in it including the call to forgive your enemies love your neighbour judge not others but look to your own faults first all things are lawful and hardships in life should be viewed as an opportunity for growth and learning It takes a special kind of blinkered approach #to see nothing but the bad stuff but that s an approach Hitchens had perfectedHitchens seemed to be a nothing but the bad stuff but that s approach Hitchens had perfectedHitchens seemed to be a possessed with a need to create an enemy in this case all religious people label them as the source of all evil and then cite selective cases in isolation while ignoring any evidence that contradicted the picture he wished to paint Religion poisons EVERYTHINGWords like negative sarcastic self righteous deliberately dishonest asinine and bigoted spring to mind to describe his approach He is like a school yard bully viciously inciting a mob to surround a child with a religious background and ac. G of the major religious texts he documents the ways in which religion is a man made wish a cause of dangerous sexual repression and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos With elouent clarity Hitchens fram. ,

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God Is Not GreatCuse them of everything from rape slavery sexual repression misogyny human sacrifice and of course genocide Hitchens himself says that if he was accused of such things even if he knew he wasn t guilty of them he would be tempted to commit suicide yet his entire approach encouraged people to apply such prejudiced accusations to others eually as innocent which is appallingly hypocriticalThe problem for Hitchens was of course that no church and virtually no religious person in any democratic Western county today fitted his picture so he constantly dredged p ancient history and times when religion and government were one in order to justify his lurid fantasiesWhile he claims religion appeals to the darkest and most primal side of humanity he himself wrote like a tribal elder telling scary stories around a camp fire to wide eyed children of religious monsters waiting in the darkness to consume them None of his caricatures fit the many religious people I ve met indeed Hitchens himself lets the cat out of the bag by admitting that he has religious friends who he wishes would just leave me alone If religion poisons everything as he claims continuously then why have religious friends at all Is it because they were in reality decent people who didn t fit the picture he tried to paint And if he wished they would leave him alone why didn t he just tell them Was he suffering the cognitive dissonance of realizing they made it difficult for him to maintain his hateful public image in the reality of his private lifeI welcome specific criticism of religion where it is targeted at the people and organizations responsible I reject the approach of generalized stereotypes prejudice and bigotry against any group of people including the religious This book is little than a modern atheist version of Mein Kampf that encourages people to stop treating other human beings as they find them and instead to relate to them according to a label in this case religious You d think in this day and age we d have gotten past this kind of propaganda but sadly it appears bigotry never dies it just changes sides Hitchens was certainly a great writer and if you re not careful you ll fall nder the spell he weaves But ask yourself these Prince Henery Sinclair uestions are his statements backedp by any metrics at all rather than isolated examples that support his generalized conclusions And do the religious people you know act in accordance with the caricatures Hitchens paintsI m not Tobacco, alcohol and drugs: Choosing health, high school (Choosing health high school) uestioning that there is some truth in much of what Hitchens wrote What I amestioning is that it automatically applies to the majority of religious people today and that it s ever right to apply generalized stereotypes My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (My Fair Godmother, universally the very definition of prejudiceI also wonder whether in being so abrasive sarcastic and abusive Hitchens projected an attitude that produced a negative reaction towards him from religious people that confirmed in his own mind the truth of his assertions As a wise man once said what you reap you will also sowHitchens seemed to match the worst in religion judgment of others self righteousness and a blinkered narrow approach while failing to match the best of religion empathy compassionnderstanding forgiveness It s a shame that an otherwise intelligent man should leave as one of his main legacies a book containing so much gratuitously hateful and childish sarcasm against his fellow human beings We can only hope it s not an approach widely adopted by fair minded people on both sides of the philosophical divide however human nature being what it is don t hold your breath This book is terrific I read it cover to cover six times and then listened to it twice on books on tape while driving across Texas Of course Dr Hitchens had easy targets deities and religions He nravels both exposing them for the harmful vessels of hypocrisy and sheer stupidity that both are He reveals for example that Mother Teresa who to her credit did not believe in god nonetheless believed in the Church sufficiently to fly all the way from India where her venom was reserved for the truly helpless to Ireland to Campaign Against The Bill That Eventually Passed against the bill that eventually passed abortion Her advise to women beaten by drunken louts who they could not divorce was that they should pray Hitchen treats all religions with the disrespect that they deserve His treatment of Islam is particularly seething Great subject and full of brilliant observations I would have given the book five stars but many of the sentences were just way too long At the end I would have to go back to the beginning to remind myself of what the sentence was about and I am sed to and enjoy dense writing The author was a great thinker and probably a great presenter in person but he was not necessarily a great writer Don t get me wrong The book contained many breathtaking jaw dropping insights There just came every other page with a lot of nnecessary sarcasm and snobbery in between jaw dropping insights There just came every other page with a lot of nnecessary sarcasm and snobbery in between wish I had had the opportunity to meet the man He had great courage and an amazingly insightful mind He needed a better braver editor But then A very interesting and informative book which I m glad I bought and read I tend to look at the one star reviews before purchasing most things on but this time it s clear that many of the poor reviews were written by people who hadn t read the book all the way ThroughWe Ve All Heard The Phrase Preaching To The Converted ve all heard the phrase preaching to the converted it s true that this book won t turn a religious person into an atheist It s likely to just annoy themI began to have doubts about religion around the age of five or six realising on my own that the Church of England was spouting a load of rubbish What I hadn t realised Honorable Cat until recently was the number of people who also came to this conclusionThis book has educated me further in the historical aspects of religion I d long thought that it was a method of controlling the mindless populace I just didn t realise how evil and cruel this control has beenAs to the comments about the title god is not great is obviously a play on the phrase allahu akba but this has gone right over the heads of some reviewersHonestly read the one star reviews Written by people who didn t read the book or think themselves knowledgeable than the author If they can do better why aren t their books available on. Es the argument for a secular life based on science and reason in which hell is replaced by the Hubble Telescope's view of theniverse and Moses and the burning bush give way to the beauty of the double helix. ,

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