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The Complete Software Developers Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job Hrbuch–DOWNLOAD: Amazon.de: John Sonmez, John Sonmez, Simple Programmer, LLC: Audible AudioBuchs (PDF)

H that will ultimately should you Take Action lead you to becoming a better version of yourself at least in your careerNow of course I don t agree with everything that was a better version of yourself at least in your careerNow of course I don t agree with everything that was in the books and I feel could be said about the cutting edge world of development but I give this book 4 stars because there is nothing else like it to my knowledge and it really is a mostly Complete Developer s Career Guide Inhaltlich ist das Buch eines wertvollsten Resourcen die mir bislang unter die Finger gekommen sind Das Buch deckt so ziemlich alles ab was man in seiner beruflichen Karriere wissen muss so wie der Titel versprichtAbgesehen vom enorm wertvollen Inhalt ist das Buch dar ber hinaus auch noch Der Autor hat hiermit ein sehr umfangreiches Werk geschaffen das wirklich alle Aspekte der Karriere gr ndlich beleuchtet Der Autor hat auch eine sehr pers nliche Art zu schreiben Wer keine Lust hat mehrere B cher zu kaufen um all den Inhalt zu bekommen kann hier gerne zuschlagen Zumal der Preis zumindest f r die Kindle Version sehr fair ist I wish i could have this book during my studies The the the the the the the the the the best This book is the perfect guide to find the software developer career path that is right for you and to understand what you need to do and learn in order to get there If you are new to software development you must read the book cover to cover There is tons of great advice in it If you are a experienced developer like me you can skim the book uickly and fully read the content you are interested about especially the section on Advancing Your Career I particularly liked the emphasis on the importance of code structure and readability testing and automation investing deeply on a single programming language and stack how to learn effectively the power of inbound marketing the difference between freelancing and contracting how the recruitment industry work how to deal with people in your team and toxic people the importance of giving and contributing to the technical community and how to go and create your own business John also shares many of his personal experiences and failures that is extremely valuable so that you can try to avoid making the same mistakes he made John s story is very inspiring and motivating for me and it s a great reminder that there is no limit in what you can achieve as a software developer During the course of the entire book John provides recommended resources and books that can significantly help to advance in your career Overall I highly recommend this book to orient yourself in the complicated world of software development I am being following John for a long time now and I know how much he loves simplicity I have to say this book is really making it simple for you Go read the book and importantly apply it in your real life This book is not only for beginners not only for software developers Its for everyone I don t want to get too excited and ust want to mention that I hate books but this one is amazing The content and the language he uses to grab the reader is fantastic As a self taught developer I m finding the book really useful and enjoyableWatched few of John s videos on Youtube and would say that he is a person who should be everyones mentor The tips and the way of thinking are ust incredibleLove the idea that he shares all of this information and tries to give us the tricks to make it easier for usDon t think about it Just buy the boo. Ohn Sonmez This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo.

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That he s using the power of personal example Everything he recommends has been personally tested by himself As he likes to say by following his advice it s almost impossible not to succeed The book is not bad there are plenty of useful things for everyone but what i don t like is the commercials on every second pageAs soon as u deep dive yourself author interrupts you with something like I am sorry but i need to advertise myself and then he literally bombs you Sehr gutes Werk zu and then he literally bombs you Sehr gutes Werk zu Softwareentwickler Karriere Themen mal in das Inhaltsverzeichniss schaunDie einzelnen Kapitel abgeschlossene Themenbereiche Man kann nur die Themen lesen die einen Interesieren und immer wieder nachschlagen wenn man allgemeinen Fragen zu seiner Softwareentwickler Karriere hat it s ust great and really motivational the pleasure to read and very helpful contentI would like to recommend his first book also Many Software Developers read books on an ongoing basis to keep their technical skills sharp but many do not do the same for the softer skills reuired to be a rounded professionalJohn makes no bones about the fact that building a successful career is hard work and reuires dedication and drive Instead he provides advice and techniues for maximising the returns on your effort investment No punches are pulled in this book and that s a good thing John tells it like it is from his own experienceThe book is broken down in the sections targeted at different periods in a Developers career from starting out to being an experienced professional But don t think that if like me you have 15 years experience you will only benefit from the latter sections We can all benefit from reviewing our foundation technical knowledge and our soft skills are no different Even if the earlier sections show you that you are on the right track this is valuable informationI ve previously read John s Soft Skills book and while there was some cross over with this one I am happy to have them both on my bookshelf this book taking some aspects to a higher level I like John I ve seen a fair few YouTube videos and read a few blog posts and I applaud the way he has carved a niche out of teaching Software Developers life skills rather than technical onesWhilst many other books out there that are essentially motivational books discuss similar concepts and get you ust as riled up it s refreshing to read one that is so intimately tied to the mythical world of Software DevelopmentThe book is easy to read he found his voice after all and despite being lengthy in content it doesn t actually take long as there s nothing particularly complicated to parseAnd that s the thing at first I wondered why there wasn t technical content or at least in depth content on gaps in most developers knowledge but then I remembered the actual title of the book and it made perfect sense Whilst a lot of time is spent focusing on the very high level overview of the technical aspects these sections are for the complete novice than someone who is already a developerThe book aims to give you a blueprint a rough guide to how you could shape your career effectivelyThe reason John defers the in depth details to authors of other books all of which are great recommendations by the way is because he is playing the role of a mentorInstead of hoarding the knowledge and what to a lot of developers appear to be secrets he is lifting the lid and guiding you down a pat. And Your Software Developer Dream Job Hrbuch Download: .de: John Sonmez, John Sonmez, Simple Programmer, LLC: Audible Audiobooks by It was a nice read I Had To Skip A had to skip a amount of the book as I already have read them on the blog the author states the same in his book but still it was nice to have them all in one place with a good structure within a book Das Buch begleitet einen auf dem Werdegang zum Softwareentwickler und dar ber hinaus Eine detaillierte Schritt f r Schritt Anleitung welche einfach zu verstehen ist Selbst f r NICHT Softwareentwickler finden sich im Buch wertvolle Konzepte Das Buch hat mir sehr geholfen einen Job zu finden I was going to post the heading I wish I had this 10 years ago But Someone Beat Me To someone beat me to Thinking about IT I D RATHER HAVE A I d rather have a machine with the critical knowledge I have now and armed with John s book This book really is the missing manualI ll admit I ve been a follower of John s work for 2 and a half years now after having read the fantastic book Soft Skills A Developer s Life Manual Ever since then I would argue having implemented some of his advice my career has gone from strength to strength The greatest strengths in his writing is that it pumps you up and gets you motivatedWhile I don t agree with everything John has said in the book I would say I agree with 98% of it I have over 10 years experience working in the software industry and echo a lot of his thoughts in many different areas including his discussion around bootcamps and whether University education these days is really the right option There s also a fantastic section on how to learn anything uickly Given John has developed 55 different Pluralsight courses in a short space of time I m fairly confident he knows what he s doingSome may argue that the advice given in this book crosses over with a lot of John s online material at SimpleProgrammercom however if you want it all organised in an easily digestible format this is the book to purchase It s absolutely worth it s weight in goldFollowing John s advice I ve built numerous blogs spoken at conferences through invites been invited to webinars and been approached to produce online content I ve also received a promotion increased salary by than 25% during this time Whilst I can t put everything down to John because ultimately the buck stops with you I can attribute his books for kick starting my career into overdriveIf you re stuck in a dead end ob want to transfer over to a promising career as a software developer or simply want to give your current career a bit of an adrenaline kick then buy this book In contrast to John s previous book Soft Skills this book solely focus on the career aspect of a software developerEven if you are a complete novice and are interested in software development or you are an already experienced professional John s book will point out the concrete things you need to be aware of if you d like to advance your career You will have a battle plan to achieve whatever it is you desire career wise Also important to note is that you ll develop the mindset you need to be successful Much of the advice can be applied to other areas of your life In the end it is up to you to follow through the action pointsThere is of course some overlap with what you d learn from John s YouTube videos and blog but the book does a great ob in centralising and structuring all of this informationI believe software will become an even competitive domain and this book will help you stay ahead of the game so to sayLastly what I like about John s style of teaching is. Best Ebook, The Complete Software Developers Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages uickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and The Complete Software Developers Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job Hrbuch-Download: Amazon.de: John Sonmez, John Sonmez, Simple Programmer, LLC: Audible Audiobooks
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