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E on YT I could not GET THEM OFF MY MIND THEY them off my mind They me and I wondered why or how anyone could derive usefulness from them but I still admired the art Now that I have them in hand I get it First the box they come in sucks Paper and bare minimum effort Ill be sewing a bag for them shortly BUT I took the time to just write down my intuitive feelings on each scene then make notes from the book on the creators intended meaning Often I was really close I definitely see how you can suss out "love stories from their combinations and considering love is complex these "stories from their combinations and considering love is complex these some dark emotions Attraction pursuit rejection obsession uniting intimacy true love All here I consider these a supplement to RW To use strictly for love readings They will not give guidance about prosperity etc Maybe as clarifiers The don t follow RW closely at all Anyway I adore them Good buy I m not sure why other reviews said there wasn t enough sexual imagery Most of the cards feature sex or intimacy in some ind of way with a few exceptions There is nudity in almost all of them at leastThe uality of the card material is not stellar However I already love this deck personally It might not be a good beginner deck though There isn t a proper guidebook attached so it s a little intuition based I do love that it s such a uniue deck I haven t come across any other decks yet that focus specifically on intimacy which people are often curious aboutOverall a good purchase It s my first sexual deck and actually it is uite soft and romantic Some scenes are harsher than others but overall it s very soft I ve seen other decks which are really in the face and this one is not at all It actually gives good advice for the love life as well and is not entirely about sex So I definitely would recommend it The card uality is very very good My product was not new it was open and cards were bentI pay for prime so that I have things when I need it I needed the deck for today So it s not just as simple as returning the cardsVery disappointed. Nion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages English Spanish French Italian and Germ.

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Tarot of Sexual Magic (English and Spanish Edition)This deck is absolutely beautiful And the energy is so great My favorite new deck Okay wowSomeone wrote the this was not energy is so great My favorite new deck Okay wowSomeone wrote the this was not the faint hearted and they were right This is an adult only deck for sure incredible renderings of all inds of sexual situations some light hearted the fool strolling past a fornicating couple as a snake lies underfoot some darkly foreboding a few cards with lovers being watched and the watcher doe not appear happyThis is a very inventive deck and does carry a certain energy That being said I m not sure when you would use such a sexual charged deck for readingsWorth adding to your collection if you are open minded and not easily put of by things of sexual natureI am adding an edit here after a reading with a traditional deck I looked at these cards again The nuances on many jumped out at me and I spent uite some time marveling at the complexity of these cards So yes once I got over the shock value of these cards I can see how they might be very important in selective readings The deck is an okay uality cards are pretty thin The characters are all heterosexual and white The only person portrayed as an African American is displayed in a card labeled betrayal which i believe is the devil card This is not a genderueer or interracial friendly deck i guess i should have looked at when it was published before ordering It is certainly outdated to say the very least I will not be using this for professional readings actually not even sure if i ll use it for personal use either Your browser does not support HTML5 video Not impressed sure if i ll use it for personal use either Your browser does not support HTML5 video Not impressed the artwork AT ALL Definitely not packaged like my other decks Let s face it not packaged at all but that was my fault for not catching it Not sure how often I d truly use these cards Mostly due to the extreme lack of diversity the style in the description section is pretty much itbut come on the entire deck The I write the review I ve decided I m gonna just send this back It just really does rub me the wrong way that the only attempt There is no better source of magical energy than the primal drive that moves us all Use this deck as ,

F color is in the tower card Granted I could read the energy of the cards well I actually used this deck as part of a reading One card ept falling OUT WHILE SHUFFLING SO I READ while shuffling so I read out loud and the person I was talking to on the phone said that sounds like me I continued the conversation then another fell out and I asked if she wanted a reading but I used a different deck So disappointed the photos were not the least bit erotic and focused on only female nudity while no male nudity and photos too small to be Detailedway Overpriced As Well overpriced as well wrote this review because I almost passed on this deck due to a review that said there were only a few explicit cards Nearly all of them are sexual and I believe nude in all At any rate this is a beautiful deck with great energy If you are thinking about getting it please do The pictures in this deck are ok but the booklet is very vague and flimsy There is zero diversity in these cards except for one card which is uite negative so for that I have deducted two stars as I don t think the card is appropriate at all and find it uite offensive I think this deck might be helpful for relationship readings when used intuitively but I wouldn t expect to get too much out of the information book provided because it s pretty useless I was very excited to have a tarot deck dedicated to sexual magic until I opened the deck Almost all the naked figures are slim or toned white womenfemmes in objectifying positions Diversity is the occasional redhead every now and then The only visible person of color is The Tower card a Black man having sex with a white woman with a white man ready to attack the Black man with a machete an old time fear for white men that Black men are anxious to take their women Your money is much better spent with inclusive decks such as the Next World Tarot deck I love this deck As a new reader I am just now venturing past the standard Rider Waite to find decks that resonate with me in a personal way I wasn t sure why but as soon as I saw thes. Magical tool to harness and manipulate these passionate wild empowering and playful energiesThe compa. ,