testimonials to sell yourself as a Real Estate Agent

Testimonials are a wonderful way for the market to talk about you. They give you credibility and support. It is no longer just you saying that your real estate company and its services are phenomenal, it is someone saying that they are phenomenal.

testimonials to sell yourself as a Real Estate Agent

When you place an ad, online advertising, business gifts, everyone knows that you have paid for it. In other words, “he is making his own campaign sound”. But much more credible and reliable is that someone “rings the bell for you”.

 Use testimonials in your marketing materials, on your website, in advertisements, that your media team uses, put them on business cards, and make sure you use short stories in your sales presentations and / or on the phone. success. 

So, how do you get all the complimentary testimonials from satisfied sellers and buyers? Simple, ask them. Acquire the habit of asking each satisfied customer for a single testimony. There are many ways to do this. These are some: 

1. Ask your clients if they want to fill out a brief customer satisfaction survey.

Leave space for comments at the end. Be sure to also ask at the end of the survey: “Can we use your name and comments in our marketing material?” Have a space for it, to check “yes” or “no”. Most people are happy that we use their comments.

2. If you speak in public to increase your visibility and generate potential customers for your business pass an evaluation form for your audience.

Be sure to ask at the end of the evaluation form: “Can we use your name and comments on our marketing material?” Have a space for them, to check “yes” or “no”, along with the participant’s signature. Again, most people are thrilled to have to use your comments! 

3. Using the name of the satisfied customer greatly increases your credibility.

Your credibility is much stronger with the support of satisfied customers. Use the name of the client and the name of the company. Be sure to ask permission to use your first name or first name. 

4. “Ask your clients if they can write testimonial letters.” Say: “I was wondering if you could help me … (People hardly refuse to help!). I would like you to write a testimonial letter where you can tell everything that our service did for you. (Just ask customers first and make sure they are happy with their services). 

5. Each time you complete a sale or purchase and a customer says something positive about your service, ask, “Would you like to write that or send it to me via email? It would be a great help to me, and I would use it to have positive referrals. of my service. ” 

6. Use your testimonials as success stories when talking to prospects or even clients.

This allows you to tell others what you have accomplished for your clients without appearing to brag. The model of a success story is: The client had a problem. We gave him a solution by applying … doing … developing … 

The results obtained and the satisfaction of the client is because he felt that we were at his side at all times of the transaction.

 Always remember that your success story should be made from the perspective of the client or point of view. That means that they must manifest the benefits their clients have received from their work. 

7. The testimonial letters. Post your favorite testimonial letters on a bulletin board or a wall space near where you work. Save the rest in a folder. 

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