Real Estate Brokers Vs Promoters and Real Estate Investors

This week I was working on these two terms that often confuse and match, it is very important to know in depth what is the scope of these two activities that although often complement and interpenetrate, their roles are very different. 
The explanation that will be given below will try to be very didactic and complemented with tips that will serve each group according to their needs.


Definition: a broker is the person who is in the business of intermediation of real estate operations and defining it in a clearer way is one who is constantly looking for people who want to acquire real estate and people who want sell said good, a real estate agent helps sellers to market their properties at the best price, in the shortest time and trying to have the minimum of inconvenience, advises on the entire process and constantly delivers reports.

It is necessary to be very clear that the consultant provides an intangible service and their remuneration, although most of the time is agreed in advance, in many cases commission problems occur due to the mediocre work done by people who do not have enough preparation and professionalism. 
In many countries, an advisor must be authorized by the government to exercise this activity, Ecuador is one of them but it does not apply.

I want now to add some contributions that made from Spain to the article the 10 most common errors of the real estate trade that would complement both the definition and also strategies to improve the activity.

Fernando Erviti (Director of real estate magazine Spain) The most frequent complaint of ALL sellers of housing is that the agent does not inform them of the procedures and their results. We are â € œsecretsâ € agents. Every time a customer calls us to ask us, he is putting a 0 in communication. He is telling us that we do not tell him enough.

Ignacio Castillo (real estate trainer)
Not having a business plan. 
Not having a Vision 
Not having a capture dossier. 
Do not work your sphere of influence. 
Do not loyal customers to sellers and Buyers. 
Do not perform an excellent post-sales work and maintain, in this way, live your relationships with former customers.

Rafael RodrÃguez (broker remax) He comments on the lack of a system, wasting time in innumerable details, lack of balance, not understanding the expectations of the client. 

Advice from the author! 

The best result that a broker can obtain is that at the end of the negotiation he feels the sensation that both buyer and seller clients got what they were looking for. 


Definition: The real estate developer is the person or team of people (physical or legal person) who want to build an architectural project, their usual work is the use of qualified land to build, with their capital or that of third parties they decide to build by means of itself or of third parties and commercialize the built-up land. 
The real estate developer as an entrepreneur must respond to the clients, contractually, regarding prices, quality of work, delivery deadlines, reality between the project and the built, forms of payment, and payments received, among others.

Among its usual tasks is the management and viability of the project promoted. 
Analysis and control over different aspects since the idea is conceived as: 
Risk Analysis 
feasibility Soil selection 
Anticipate demand and competition 
Analyze technical and marketing reports 
Determination of sale prices 
Analysis of costs 
Analysis and control over financial statements 
And in general, all types of analysis and management for the proper development of the project.

Then the Promoter is the one who takes the initiative to promote housing for sale. Therefore, it decides, programs and finances the building works. The financial resources can be their own or those of others.

The real estate developer has under his responsibility some strategic decisions such as the purchase of the site, request for administrative authorizations and contracting of the building, is obliged to comply with all the publicity, linking the builder with the buyers as if it were a contract. Therefore, it is very important that the advertising that is delivered to the buyers, on newly built homes, be preserved (advertisements and brochures of the promotion) in case subsequently a claim has to be made in a friendly or judicial way.


A promoter should not be carried away by emotions but by market trends so choose the target that will focus. 
Interview with the best brokers and real estate companies ask for advice without penalty remember that the investment that is going to be is great. 
A promoter must take into account aspects such as: 
â € ¢ The market niche in which he will work, 
â € ¢ the site. Investors in real estate projects should not save on paying for good land. 
â € ¢ Facilities must have sufficient infrastructure to develop the project.
â € ¢ The product here refers to architecture but many promoters neglect this elementary aspect and believe that whatever they do is going to sell, they are totally wrong, customers are becoming more demanding 
â € ¢ One solid financial structure, depending on the project using a fiduciary system is very healthy for all parties

this was the contribution for this week see the next emotional changes in the development of real estate activity